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Ann Boleyn (singer)

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Years active
1972 - present

Music group
Hellion (Since 1982)


Live And Well In Hell

Ann Boleyn

Heavy metal, Hard rock

Musical Artist

Ann Boleyn (singer) hardrockhavennetonlinewpcontentuploads20140

Vocals, keyboards, bass guitar

New Renaissance, Roadrunner, Music For Nations, Cleopatra, Restless, Greenworld, Massacre

Associated acts
Raj, Shock, Power Program, Beowulf, Third Stage Alert, Hellion, Detente

University of California, Los Angeles

Similar People
Simon Wright, Bjorn Englen, Paulo Jr, Greg Handevidt

Ann Boleyn is a recording artist and performer from the United States. Arguably she is responsible for coining the term speed metal. She also is credited for developing the careers of many international recording artists through New Renaissance Records, the record label she founded.



Ann Boleyn was born in Seattle, Washington. Her birthday is June 14 1960. Ann Boleyn was raised in the small town of Centralia, Washington, which is midway between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Early career

Ann began as a keyboard player in the early 1970s, specializing in the Hammond organ. She also briefly played bass. According to an interview in Hit Parader magazine, by the time she was 13, Boleyn was performing in nightclubs and at high school dances, often without the knowledge of her parents. By age 15, she had already received offers to tour in several bands, one of which featured guitarist Tommy Bolin, but was forbidden to do so by her parents. There is a controversy about the year when Boleyn was born.

Kim Fowley brings Ann Boleyn to Hollywood

In 1976, while still a teenager in high school, producer Kim Fowley recruited her to join The Runaways as the bass player. According to the liner-notes of the "Queen of Hell" anthology album, after she threatened to run away, Boleyn's parents finally allowed her to leave her home in Washington State and move to Hollywood. Ann Boleyn acknowledges that, from the moment she met Fowley, she did not see eye-to-eye with him. Other accounts relate that guitarist Tommy Bolin convinced her not to join the band and that the verse "Just keep me out of L.A., things are crazy out there" from his song Post Toastee referred to Fowley's management of the all-female band. Ann Boleyn has stated in interviews that she was never a member of The Runaway, even though Fowley brought her to Hollywood.,ref.[9] Ann has never been officially acknowledged as having ever been a member of The Runaways.


Ann was spotted by Hal Guthu, a modeling agent who had been the still photographer and cinematographer for Edward D. Wood, Jr. Although Hal Guthu rarely accepted brunettes, he made an exception with Boleyn, who he said reminded him of Vampira when interviewed in the August 1984 edition of CineBeat. Through Hal Guthu, Ann Boleyn became featured in a number of B-rate horror movies for which she used other names, allegedly to avoid embarrassment to her family. Some, have speculated that Boleyn was under-age at the time many of her movies were filmed. Ann Boleyn's music, singing, and screams also can be heard on various sound tracks, including The Return of the Living Dead, Part II.

Radio host on KROQ in Los Angeles

By 1977, Ann Boleyn emerged as the midnight-to-six DJ at Los Angeles Radio Station KROQ-FM, where she hosted a show that specialized in fast-paced metal and punk. By the time the station decided to alter its format to "the rock of the 80's", Boleyn's show had become known as "Speed Metal Hell", a term Boleyn later used for the heavy metal compilations albums she would later produce.

Keyboard work in Los Angeles

From the mid-1970s, until about 1981, Ann Boleyn only played keyboards. Both Ann Boleyn and Yngwie Malmsteen are featured on the debut release by Third Stage Alert, which was signed to Metal Blade Records. Boleyn also was a member of Beowulf, which included lead singer, David Reece, and British guitarist, Chris Voysey. Reece left the band and replaced Udo Dirkschneider in Accept.


In 1981 or 1982, Ann Boleyn together with guitarist Ray Schenck, bassist Peyton Tuthill, and drummer Sean Kelley formed Hellion. Unable to find a singer, Ann Boleyn and Ray Schenck handled vocals. The group released a series of albums which were met with varying success. They were signed to Music For Nations in England, Roadrunner Records in Europe, Pony Canyon in Japan, and New Renaissance Records in the USA.

In 1984, Hellion's Mini album was voted # 4 record of the year in Kerrang and Sounds Magazine. Hellion played multiple nights to capacity crowds at London's Marquee Club. In 1984, famed metal vocalist, Ronnie James Dio offered to produce Hellion. Around the same time, Wendy Dio, the wife of Ronnie James Dio, began managing Hellion through her company, Niji Productions. A song that was produced by Ronnie James Dio and engineered by Angelo Acrucci was released on Roadrunner Records. Hellion was set to be the co-headliner with Hanoi Rocks, but the tour was cancelled after the death of Hanoi Rocks's drummer Razzle. In addition to headlining a variety of clubs and small theaters, Hellion also served as a support act for artists including Dio, Whitesnake, W.A.S.P., and others. In 1986, Ann Boleyn was fired from Hellion and replaced with a male singer, Richard Parico.

After a legal dispute about the ownership of the name Hellion, Boleyn's former members and Parico changed the band name to Burn. Ann Boleyn retained the name Hellion and invited drummer Greg Pecka (formerly of Dokken), bassist Alex Campbell (formerly of Lion, and guitarist Chet Thompson to join the band.

Niji Productions continued to represent Burn, but fired Hellion in 1986. Next, Boleyn formed New Renaissance Records, which put out the first commercial recordings and helped develop the careers of then unknown bands such as Sepultura, Bathory, Flotsam & Jetsam, At War, Morbid Angel and Wehrmacht. Other label acts included Deadly Blessing, Amulance, Blood Feast, Necrophagia, Dream Death, Ill will, Indestroy, Sarcastic, Artillery, Mayhem, and more. Actor, Johnny Depp's band, Rock City Angels was also signed to New Renaissance Records before landing a deal with Geffen Records. In 2003, Ann Boleyn graduated from UCLA, where she specialized in the study of the Old Norse language. She obtained her law degree in 2007.

In 2008, Boleyn appeared at a number of music festivals, singing with Detente where she was filling in for the late Dawn Crosby who died in 1996. Boleyn has since been replaced by Tiina Teal.

In June 2013, Boleyn announced that she was forming a new incarnation of Hellion. In late 2013, Boleyn entered Total Access Studios in Redondo Beach, California, along with Simon Wright, Bjorn Englen, and Maxxxwell Carlisle, and began recording the first new Hellion songs in over a decade. In December 2013, Hellion announced that it had signed a record deal with Cherry Red Records for the release of an anthology CD and for the eventual release of Hellion's extensive back catalogue in Europe and the United Kingdom.

On April 1, 2014, Hellion released a 2-disc CD anthology . On October 2, 2014, Hellion embarked on a tour of North America in support of their Karma's A Bitch mini-album. The touring line-up of Hellion includes Greg Smith on bass, Simon Wright on drums, Scott Warren on keyboards, Maxxxwell Carlisle on lead guitar, Georg Dolivo as special guest rhythm guitarist, and founding member Ann Boleyn on vocals.

Hellion's latest album, Karma's A Bitch, was released on New Renaissance Records in North America and on Cherry Red Records in Europe and Great Britain on October 7, 2014. In the fall of 2014, Ann Boleyn toured with Hellion on a North American tour.

Vocal Range

Ann Boleyn's voice is classified as dramatic contralto.


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