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Anmitsu Hime

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Genre  Fantasy, Comedy
Published by  Kobunsha
Magazine  Shōjo (magazine)
Written by  Shosuke Kurakane
Demographic  Shōjo
Original run  May 1949 – April 1955
Anmitsu Hime

Anmitsu Hime (あんみつ姫) is a manga series by Shosuke Kurakane. The original manga was serialized between 1949 and 1955. In 1986, Izumi Takemoto retold the original manga series, releasing it under the same title and simultaneously with the anime adaptation.



Anmitsu is a beautiful princess living happily at the Amakara Castle. The only thing is she is a tomboy and doesn't act very lady-like. When Anmitsu turns ten years old, her parents present her with a tutor named Castella, who from the Pudding Kingdom, in hopes of getting Anmitsu more serious about being a princess. Nonetheless, Anmitsu still is up to her usual antics and frequently escapes from the castle to have fun. However, she learns many things about the world outside the castle and about life in general in her adventures. She also makes new friends and continue to cause trouble for the royalty in Amakara Castle.

Anime Cast

  • Mami Koyama as Anmitsu Hime
  • Takuzou Kamiyama as Awanodango no Mori
  • Hisako Kyouda as Shibucha
  • Jouji Yanami as Hikozaemon Abekawa
  • Reiko Suzuki as Court Lady Ohagi
  • Shigeru Chiba as Tanesuke Kakino
  • Yuko Mita as 'Amaguri no Suke
  • Yuriko Fuchizaki as Manjuu
  • Sakurako Hoshino as Shiomame
  • Tesshō Genda as Senbei
  • Kei Tomiyama as Gen'ai Hiraga
  • Manga

    The manga was published in Kobunsha's Shōjo magazine from 1949 to 1955. The series helped boost the magazine's circulation to 700,000 copies.

    Live-action Adaptations

    The first adaptations of Anmitsu Hime came in 1954 with two films. Both starred Izumi Yukimura as Anmitsu Hime. Another film was made in 1960, but with an entirely new staff and cast, starring Haruko Wanibuchi as Animtsu Hime.

    Live-action television dramas

    The first TV drama series was broadcast in 1958-1960, featuring Misao Nakahara as Anmitsu. The second TV drama series was broadcast in 1983-1984, featuring Kyōko Koizumi as Anmitsu. A third TV drama mini-series was broadcast in 2008 and 2009 in the form of two television specials. They feature Mao Inoue as Anmitsu Hime.

    Anime television series

    An anime adaptation, called Anmitsu Hime: From Amakara Castle was made by Studio Pierrot, aired on Fuji TV from October 1986 to September 1987 for a 51-episode run.

    The series is about a tomboy princess in a feudal era themed world, but with modern-day technology. The opening theme is "Koi wa Kuesuchon" by O-Nyanko Club and the ending theme is "Anmitsu Daisakusen" also by O-Nyanko Club.

    Video game

    A Sega Master System video game based on the series was made, and translated for the Europe, North America and Oceania markets as Alex Kidd in High-Tech World, with the main character replaced with Alex Kidd and other characters and parts of the game slightly edited to fit the change from a female to a male protagonist; whereas the goal of Anmitsu Hime is to reach a cake shop in time before it closes, the localized version changes this to a game center.


    Anmitsu Hime Wikipedia

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