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Developer(s)  SundayToz
Release date(s)  September 2, 2009
Genre  Puzzle video game

Engine  SamSung Android OS
Initial release date  2 September 2009
Platforms  Android, iOS
Anipang httpsstatic1squarespacecomstatic5111c4c1e4b
Producer(s)  Jinho Kim, hyong ho park
Designer(s)  Designer Hozo (South Korean)
Series  Anipang, Anipang 2, Puzzle Anipang
Similar  Cookie Run, Zombie Exodus, Candy Crush Saga, Tetris Blitz, Tiny Troopers

mobile game playing anipang english version of the game

Anipang is a South Korean mobile puzzle game available through Cyworld Appstore and Naver Social Apps. Anipang is a social network game in which users compete with each other. It was developed by SundayToz. Service began on 11 October 2012, and within 74 days the game had been downloaded more than 20 million times, making it the first South Korean game to achieve that milestone. On the strength of popularity, Sunday Toz is released a sequel titled "Anipang 2". This game is under consideration for entering the North America market.


Anipang About Korean popular mobile game quotAni pangquot Learn english

mobile game line pop a game same with anipang

Cause of popularity

Anipang Anipang Tops the Gaming Charts in Korea Pushed On by KakaoTalk Game

The first aspect is that this game is a short-term game, with sessions lasting one minute. Therefore, this game is good for passing the time when commuting or going outside to subways or bus stations. The second aspect relates to social networking services. This game is based on the Kakao Talk system, so users can send messages to their friends related on kakaotalk friends. Also, Anipang's structure is simple and middle-aged people prefer to play this game.

Controversy and influence

Anipang for Kakao Android Apps on Google Play

Anipang has been criticised by mass media in South Korea, because its basic structure is very similar to other mobile games. As a result, mass media and broadcasting people have accused the developers of copying other companies' ideas. Another controversy has arisen over the gambling system; for example, Anipang: The Sichuan has a structure similar to the game of mahjong. and there are other problem because of the bugs. this bug programm is cause to rise high score automatically.


Anipang Anipang Android Games 365 Free Android Games Download

This game was released in 2011 and became popular in South Korea mobile market, because Anipang is the first mobile game based on a social networking system in that market. There were over 5,000,000 users in 2011, and more people took part in and enjoyed this game after years. There are now over 20,000,000 users, the highest number of users in the mobile game market in South Korea. The stock price of the developer SundayToz has risen rapidly over the past three years. Sunday Toz has opened an Anipang pop-up store in a department store in South Korea. In 2015, Anipang 2 entered the overseas mobile market, reaching countries such as Japan and China. The community application 'Line' helped to spread Anipang.


Anipang Anipang Pinay jubu in Korea
  1. Reading glasses: it help you to find the same animal pieces more quickly.
  2. Emergency bomb: using this item, explode range of piece of plus. This item is available only one time per game.
  3. Time bonus: this explodes the face of the animal that is attached the clock icon, and your playing time is extended by five seconds. Clock animals appear three times per game.
  4. Easy combo: it enlarges the combo time by as much as 33 percent, making the game easier
  5. Golden bomb: this item changes bombs to gold. To see detailed information of these items, click this reference.


Anipang Mobile Game Competition Competition between Anipang 2 Candy Crush
  1. Pinky – Based on pig model.
  2. Ani – Based on rabbit model.
  3. Ari – Based on chick model.
  4. Mong yi – Based on Monkey model.
  5. Micky – Based on Mouse model.
  6. Blue – Based on Dog model.
  7. Lucy – Based on Cat model.
  8. Pang – Based on Bomb model.

To know detailed information of characters, click this reference.


Anipang Anipang for Kakao for Android Download

The first sequel to the original Anipang, Anipang Sanghai, had a game structure based on the original Anipang. There were more than one million advance bookings for downloads of Anipang Sanghai prior to its release.

Anipang Anipang for Kakao for Android Download

The second sequel to the original Anipang was Anipang Matgo. This game is based on a traditional Korean card game called hwatu matgo, while the design is similar to other Anipang games.

Anipang Anipang for Kakao for Android Download

The third sequel to the original Anipang was Anipang: The Sichuan. This game is based on the program named Sichuan. This game is similar to the Chinese game mahjong.

Anipang Smartphone Game Anipang a New Obsession in South Korea Digits WSJ
Anipang Play anytime anywhere in Korea AniPang Koreanet The official
Anipang Anipang for Kakao for iPhone Download


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