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Animal husbandry in Nepal

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Animal husbandry in Nepal

Breeding and care for farm animals for economic, cultural and religious reasons, also known as animal husbandry, is a growing occupation in Nepal.



Animals were reared in the distant past in Nepal, but the history of proper animal husbandry in the country dates back to the period of the Gopal Dynasty. It is believed that Gopal kings used to rear cows. When the Gopals entered Nepal from India, they brought cows with them. Similarly, the Mahispal dynasty used to rear buffalo.

Present status

In Nepal, animal husbandry is one of the main occupations, along with farming, as Nepal is an agricultural country. About 80% of the total population is engaged in agriculture. In Nepal, people rear different animals like goats, pigs, cows, oxen, buffalos, and dogs. However, the horse is not as widely reared in Nepal as it is in European countries. Butter, milk, meat, and wool are the main products of animal husbandry. Wool is exported to India and other countries. Different wool and woolen products are produced. Nepali mats called galaicha command a high price when exported to foreign regions such as Europe, Australia, and America.

Dairy production is also increasing due to the rearing of milk-giving animals. Nepal has just started using modern tools for animal husbandry, so there is a chance for further development of animal husbandry. Meat and eggs are also some of the main goods produced by animal husbandry.

Poultry farms can also be found throughout Nepal. Additionally, improved breeds of animals are reared in Nepal these days, which is increasing income for Nepalese people. Among other animals, cows are reared the most because of their religious and economic significance. Cows are regarded as the incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi. There is a restriction on killing cows in Nepal because it is the national animal. So cows are found in almost every house in village areas of Nepal.


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