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Animal (2001 film)

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Director  Luke Greenfield
Writer  Sergio Bizzio
Language  Spanish
4.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Executive producer  Adam Sandler
Country  Argentina
Animal (2001 film) movie poster
Release date  2001
Cast  Rob Schneider (Marvin Mange), Colleen Haskell (Rianna), John C. McGinley (Sgt. Sisk), Ed Asner (Chief Wilson), Guy Torry (Miles), Adam Sandler (Townie)
Similar movies  Salt, Blackhat, Independence Day, The Mechanic, Saw IV, Southland Tales
Tagline  He wasn't much of a man... Now he's not much of an animal!

Animal 2001 guarda il film italiano

Animalada (English: Animal) is a 2001 Argentine black comedy film directed and written by Sergio Bizzio.


Animal (2001 film) movie scenes

The animal 2001 mail box scene


Animal (2001 film) movie scenes

After 29 years of marriage, Alberto (Carlos Roffe) and his socialite frau, Natalie (Cristina Banegas), have little to say to each other. While on summer vacation at their ranch, Alberto suddenly notices a fluffy white sheep and has his overseer, Miranda (Pepe Monje), put it in the barn. That night, overcome with lust, he gives in to an urgent desire to visit "Fanny." Natalie begins to notice a funny smell on Alberto's clothes and accidentally witnesses his showdown with the overseer, who has also noticed the sheep's attractiveness.

Animal (2001 film) movie scenes

But unlike the lustful Miranda, Alberto is deeply in love with Fanny. In a delicate scene full of ambiguous nuances, he tries to teach her to pronounce his name, recognizing what he wants to hear in her inarticulate bleating. He becomes mortally jealous of a black ram and finally stages a marriage ceremony on the lawn to cement his love. Alberto ruthlessly eliminates all those who refuse to understand his feelings, and story slips into blood-soaked horror mode.

Main cast

Animal (2001 film) movie scenes
  • Carlos Roffé .... Alberto
  • Christina Banegas .... Natalie
  • Carolina Fal .... Paula
  • Walter Quiroz .... Gaston
  • José María Monje .... Miranda
  • Other cast

  • Federico Martin Barros .... Bailarin 1
  • Hilda Bernard .... Aristocrat Lady
  • Sergio Boris .... Médico 2
  • Silvina Bosco .... Empleada Agncia de Turismo
  • Nicolás Brown .... Joven 2
  • Osvaldo Burgos .... Jorge
  • Horacio Embón .... Conductor
  • Vilma Ferrán .... Mamá Familia
  • Alejandro Fornasari .... Enfermero 1
  • Facundo Galván .... Silveyra
  • Alfredo Iglesias .... Director Psiquiátrico
  • Roberto Jacoby .... Efermero 2
  • Carlos Lanari .... Papa Familia
  • Julio Marticorena .... Médico 1
  • Julieta Ortega
  • Francisco Peterson .... Bailarin 3
  • Mariano Rey .... Bailarin 2
  • Guillermo Soffiantini .... Policia 2
  • Rafael Spregelburd .... Ramiro
  • Paolo Taramasco .... Joven 1
  • Antonio Ugo .... Policia
  • Release

    The film premiered in Argentina on 6 September 2001.


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