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Frequency  Monthly
Circulation  65,660 (2009)
Editor  Toshiya Matsushita (since 2005)
Former editors  Hideo Ogata (founding) Toshio Suzuki Mikio Takeda Susumu Arakawa Takashi Watanabe Toshiya Matsushita Shūichi Ōno (2002-2005)
Categories  Anime, manga, voice acting
First issue  26 May 1978 (July issue)

Animage (アニメージュ, Animēju) is a Japanese anime and entertainment magazine which Tokuma Shoten began publishing in July 1978. Hayao Miyazaki's internationally renowned manga, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, was serialized in Animage from 1982 through 1994. Other titles serialized in Animage include Ocean Waves (1990-1995), a novel by Saeko Himuro, which was later made into a television movie by the same title.



Animage was established in 1978 as the first magazine devoted to animation and comics aimed at a general public and not professionals. In 2007 the magazine started its online edition.


  • July 1978: First issue
  • January 1980: First Annual Anime Grand Prix
  • July 1982: 50th issue
  • June 1983: 5th anniversary
  • September 1986: 100th issue
  • June 1988: 10th anniversary
  • November 1990: 150th issue
  • June 1993: 15th anniversary
  • January 1995: 200th issue
  • June 1998: 20th anniversary, changed to A4 size for magazine, changed title to English Animage instead of アニメージュ
  • March 1999: 250th issue
  • June 2002: Beginning with July issue, changed title back to katakana アニメージュ
  • May 2003: 300th issue
  • June 2003: 25th anniversary
  • June 2008: 30th anniversary
  • June 2013: 35th anniversary
  • Anime Grand Prix

    The Anime Grand Prix is the annual prize decided by the readers' votes to the anime of the year. The Anime Grand Prix started in 1979, and the first prize was announced at the issue 1980 January, generally announced at the next year's June issue every year. It’s the Animage's Anime Grand Prix Magazine Reader’s Choice too.

    Voice Animage

    Voice Animage (ボイスアニメージュ, Boisu Animēju) is a sister magazine launched in 1994 that covers the voice acting industry in Japan. It was published irregularly at first, then settled into a regular release every other month. The magazine was edited by Hideaki Kobayashi together with Takashi Watanabe before Kobayashi moved to work on various Kadokawa Shoten magazines, and the magazine suspended publication in February 2002 with its 42nd issue. At Kadokawa, Kobayashi and Watanabe helped launch Voice Newtype.

    Beginning in February 2009, Voice Animage resumed publication as a quarterly magazine. The magazine has focused mainly on male voice actors since relaunching.

    AniRadi also began publishing VoiceRadimage (ボイスラジメージュ, Boisu Radimēju) as a play on the name of Voice Animage.


    Animage Wikipedia

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