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Angustopila dominikae

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Kingdom  Animalia
Phylum  Mollusca
Rank  Species
Family  Hypselostomatidae
Genus  Angustopila
Angustopila dominikae Tiniest Snail Ever Found Could Fit Through Needle39s Eye 10 Times
Class  Gastropoda clade Heterobranchia clade Euthyneura clade Panpulmonata clade Eupulmonata clade Stylommatophora informal group Orthurethra
Similar  Acmella nana, Hypselostomatidae, Acanthophis cryptamydros, Acanthopleura granulata, Orthurethra

Angustopila dominikae world s smallest land snail

Angustopila dominikae is a species of land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Hypselostomatidae. It occurs in southern China, and is thought to be one of the world's smallest terrestrial mollusks (the holotype's shell height is 0.86 mm). As is the case in most other members of the genus Angustopila, A. dominikae is a troglobiont species, and displays high levels of endemism.



The snails were named after Páll-Gergely's wife, Dominika. [1]

Physical Characteristics

Angustopila dominikae Seven new hypselostomatid species from China including some of the

[2] The Angustopila dominikae holotype has a shell that is light grey in colour, which consists of 1.5 whorls when it is a protoconch. The protoconch is finely pitted and granular and collectively radiates from the nuclear whorl and ceases at the second.


Angustopila dominikae Seven new hypselostomatid species from China including some of the

This new species was found in a soil sample of limestone rocks at the base of a cliff in Guangxi and likely lives on the walls of the limestone.[3]


Angustopila dominikae cdnscinewscomimagesenlarge2image3284eAngus

The diet of these snails consist on microorganisms like bacteria and fungal filaments. Jochum hypothesizes that the round shape of the shells of these new species may enable them to wedge themselves into tiny cracks in rocks. It could also allow them to trap air bubbles in their shell and float in water if they become dislodged by rain, and also probably enables them to survive being eaten by a bird.


These snails are most likely hermaphroditic and change their sex based on what other snails are around.[4]

Conservation Status

Angustopila dominikae Angustopila dominikae World39s smallest land snail YouTube

Since the species is known from one site only, it is evaluated as Critically Endangered under IUCN criteria. Quarrying is quoted as the main threat to similar limestone habitats. However, no ongoing threats to the type locality are known at the moment.

Angustopila dominikae Newly Discovered Snails Fit in Eye of a Needle


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