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Anguish (1987 film)

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Genre  Horror
Screenplay  Bigas Luna
Country  Spain
6.7/10 IMDb

Director  Bigas Luna
Music director  Jose Manuel Pagan
Language  English, Spanish
Anguish (film) movie poster
Release date  8 January 1988 (1988-01-08) (U.S.)
Writer  Bigas Luna, Michael Berlin (dialogue)
Cast  Zelda Rubinstein (Alice Pressman, the Mother), Michael Lerner (John Pressman), Talia Paul (Patty), Àngel Jové (The Killer), Clara Pastor (Linda), Isabel García Lorca (Caroline Robinson)
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Tagline  The eyes of the city are mine.

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Anguish (Spanish: Angustia) is a 1987 Spanish-produced horror film starring Zelda Rubinstein, Michael Lerner, Talia Paul, Angel Jove and Clara Pastor.


Anguish (film) movie scenes

Anguish 1987


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The film begins with a written disclaimer:

Anguish (1987 film) UNDERAPPRECIATED Anguish 1987 No Real Danger

During the film you are about to see, you will be subject to subliminal messages and mild hypnosis.

Anguish (1987 film) Scribblings of a Cinemaobsessed Mind Anguish 1987

This will cause you no physical harm or lasting effect, but if for any reason you lose control or feel that your mind is leaving your body -- leave the auditorium immediately.

Anguish (1987 film) Final Girl VHS Week Day 4 ANGUISH 1987

The disclaimer is accompanied by a narrator, who advises viewers to take caution regarding their surroundings once the film has begun, and not to engage in conversation with any unknown individuals for the duration of the running time.

Anguish (1987 film) Anguish 1987 Directed by Bigas Luna

In the Los Angeles theater The Rex, moviegoers watch the film within a film, The Mommy.

Anguish (1987 film) Anguish 1987 Bigas Luna RoweReviews

The Mommy tells the story of John Pressman (Michael Lerner), an extremely myopic, uncontrolled diabetic who works as an ophthalmologist's assistant and is progressively growing blind. For unstated reasons, his overbearing mother Alice (Zelda Rubinstein) hypnotizes him and induces him to murder people so that he can remove their eyes and bring them back to her. One evening, John—against his mother's wishes—barricades himself inside of a movie theater playing The Lost World, where he sets about killing the patrons one by one with a scalpel. Once John's rampage becomes apparent, the surviving moviegoers attempt to flee the now sealed-off theater. The police bring Alice to the theater in an attempt to end the siege; in the course of trying to talk John down, Alice is accidentally shot to death by the police.

As The Mommy wears on, patrons of The Rex begin to experience anxiety attacks and disorientation in response to the events onscreen. In particular, one man grows progressively agitated, constantly checking his watch; and a teenage girl, Patty, begins to break down in tears, though she cannot entirely articulate her fear. At a key point in the film, the man exits the theater and approaches the concession stand, where he's recognized by an employee as a frequent patron of The Mommy. Patty's friend, Linda, goes to use the bathroom moments later, and witnesses The Man removing a gun from his jacket and killing the concession worker and another theater employee. The Man drags their bodies to the bathroom—an act synchronized with John killing a woman in the bathroom of a movie theater in The Mommy. Linda escapes the theater and stops a man passing on the street, whom she asks to call the police.

In The Rex, the man barricades the projectionist in the projector booth and then slips back into the theater, where he holds Patty at gunpoint and begins reciting dialogue from The Mommy. When John Pressman begins his theater rampage onscreen, the man begins indiscriminately shooting patrons of The Rex, using Patty as a human shield.

Outside The Rex, a SWAT team arrives, in synchronicity with the police's arrival at the theater in The Mommy. The police obtain access to the projector booth via the roof and send in a sniper. The man holds Patty hostage in front of the theater, addressing Alice onscreen and asking her to come save him. Attempts by the police to engage the man fail; when the police in The Mommy kill Alice, the man becomes enraged, throws Patty to the ground, and resumes firing into the audience; the police sniper then shoots and kills him. Patty, looking up at the screen, has a vision of John gouging out her eye with a scalpel.

Outside, Patty and Linda are reunited and Patty is taken to the hospital. Doctors assure her that she is physically all right, though the experience was mentally scarring. As Linda leaves, John appears in the elevator and gouges out her eyes. He then proceeds to Patty's room and attacks her with a scalpel. As the screen cuts to black, the camera pulls back to show a movie theater of patrons watching the events onscreen, revealing that Patty's story was in fact a film within a film within a film. The credits for Anguish roll as the theater patrons leave one-by one.


  • Zelda Rubinstein as Alice Pressman, the Mother
  • Michael Lerner as John Pressman
  • Talia Paul as Patty
  • Ángel Jovè as The Killer
  • Clara Pastor as Linda
  • Isabel García Lorca as Caroline
  • Nat Baker as Teaching Doctor
  • Edward Ledden as Doctor
  • Gustavo Gili as Student #1
  • Antonio Regueir as Student #2
  • Joaquín Ribas as Student #3
  • Janet Porter as Laboratory Nurse
  • Patricia Manget as Nurse at Clinic #1
  • Merche Gascon as Nurse at Clinic #2
  • Jose M. Chucarro as Caroline's Boyfriend
  • Antonella Murgia as Ticket Girl
  • Josephine Borchaca as Concession Girl
  • Georgie Pinkley as Laura
  • Francesco Rabella as Don
  • Diane Pinkley as Popcorn Woman
  • Benito Pocino as Popcorn Man
  • Víctor Guillén as Sleepy
  • Evelyn Rosemika as Bathroom Woman
  • Michael Chandler as Projectionist
  • Vicente Gil as Taxi Driver
  • Michael Heat as Inspector
  • Pedro Vidal as Police Officer
  • Robert Long as Police Officer
  • Jamis Ros as Police Officer (as Juame Ros)
  • Miguel Montfort as Police Officer
  • Jordi Estivill as Police Officer
  • Alberto Merelles as Police Officer
  • Javier Moya as Police Officer
  • John García as Police Officer
  • Kit Kincannon as Salesman
  • Tatiana Thauve as Ticket Girl
  • Joy Blackburn as Concession Girl
  • Marc Maloney as Elderly Man
  • Jasmine Parker as Elderly Woman
  • Jean Paul Soto as Manny
  • Javier Durán as Moe
  • Marc Auba as Jack
  • Randall Stewart as First Murder
  • Eva Heald as Granny
  • Rose Sherpac as Granny's Friend
  • Emy Matías as Hairy Woman
  • Elisa Crehvet as Ann
  • Mingo Ràfols as Chicano
  • Maribel Martínez as Hysterical Woman
  • Gustavo Guarino as Hysterical Husband
  • Frank Craven as Sleepy
  • Mário Fernández as Black Boy
  • May Vives as Blond Girl
  • Craig Hill as Doctor at Hospital
  • Anita Shemanski as Nurse at Hospital
  • Fiacre O'Rafferty as Projectionist
  • Maria Ricard as Patty's Mother
  • John Shelly as Patty's Father
  • Ricardo Azulay as Police Commander
  • Joe Wolberg as SWAT Commander
  • Steven Brown as SWAT Man
  • Fabia Matas as SWAT Man
  • Mark Parker as SWAT Man
  • Philip Rodgers as Medic
  • Joan Lloveras as Medic
  • Ignacio García as Medic
  • Jose Luise Amposte as Police Officer
  • Eric Pier as Police Officer
  • Clause Braum as Police Officer
  • Jorge Ferrer as Police Officer
  • Jorge Torras as Police Officer
  • Pep Cukart as Police Officer
  • Tito Álvarez as Police Officer
  • John Heald as Police Officer
  • Dinky as Police Officer
  • Angelika Thiblant as Nurse in Street
  • Elvira Salles as Nurse in Street
  • Tatiana Gari as Nurse in Street
  • Margarita Borchaca as Nurse in Street
  • Julia Carrasco as Nurse in Street
  • María Guerín as Nurse in Street
  • Won

    Goya Awards

  • Best Special Effects (Francisco Teres)
  • Sant Jordi Awards

  • Best Film (Bigas Luna)
  • Nominated

    Goya Awards

  • Best Director (Bigas Luna)
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