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Angry Kid

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Created by  Darren Walsh
Theme music composer  Will Hodge
First episode date  1 January 1999
7/10 IMDb

Directed by  Darren Walsh
Opening theme  "Angry Kid"
Program creator  Darren Walsh
Angry Kid wwwgstaticcomtvthumbtvbanners191969p191969
Written by  Darren Walsh Mike Booth Mike Cooper
Starring  Darren Walsh David Holt Mike Cooper Beth Chalmers Kevin Eldon Jo Allen Lee Evans
Networks  BBC, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, BBC Three, Teletoon
Executive producers  Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Jo Allen
Genres  Animation, Humour, Comedy, Stop motion, Clay animation, Live action, Adult animation
Similar  Rex the Runt, The Morph Files, Gary & Mike, Shaun the Sheep, Timmy Time

Angry kid season 01 in full

Angry Kid is a British 1-minute short live action and stop motion adult animated comedy television series created, directed, written, and designed by Darren Walsh (who also provides the voice of the title character) and produced by Aardman Animations for Series 1 and 2 and by Mr Morris Productions for Series 3.


Angry Kid Angry Kid

Unlike most Aardman productions, Angry Kid was not created using clay animation but a combination of pixilation (using masks for facial expressions) and stop motion puppetry. Series 3 onwards uses CGI for Angry Kid's head, along with live action.

Angry Kid Angry Kid

Series 1 and 2 have been released on DVD in the UK and Australia. All the Angry Kid animations from before the third series were on before the site was absorbed into Comedy Central. A compilation DVD called Aardman's Dark Side was also released, and it contains several Series 2 episodes and an exclusive episode. The vast majority of Angry Kid has since been released on YouTube.

Angry Kid Workout Angry Kid BRAND NEW YouTube

Series 3 was launched in July 2015 after an 8-year hiatus. The first episode 'Interview' aired on the 3rd of July. Series 3 is produced by Mr Morris Productions with episodes being aired on Angry Kid's official YouTube page with a new episode being uploaded every 3 weeks.

Angry Kid Puberty Angry Kid BRAND NEW YouTube

Tourettes angry kid


Angry Kid Angry Kid Wikipedia
  • Darren Walsh as Angry Kid, the title character. He is a 14-year-old redheaded boy who has a foul mouth and a terrible attitude. He is a mean-spirited brat who gains great enjoyment out of irritating and enraging others. He doesn't care who he steps on or what trouble he causes as long as it gets him what he needs or wants. Angry Kid is almost always seen wearing a dark blue parka jacket with a furry hood (even over his pyjamas). He's known by police officers as "The Little Ginger Git on the Bike" and he's also known as "Stanners." Angry Kid lives with his parents and little sister in the internet series but in the special episode "Who Do I Think I Am?", his mother abandons them. He also has a pet dog. Angry Kid also regularly falls victim to dog attacks, as he is seen being attacked by a dog multiple times throughout the series.
  • David Holt as Dad, Angry Kid and Lil' Sis' unseen father. He has an obsession for country & western music. He usually hits Angry Kid with his newspaper when Angry Kid says or does something stupid or annoying (but only his hand is shown when he hits him). In Who Do I Think I Am?, when he shows Angry Kid some home videos, his full body (apart from his face) is shown. He also plays the Teacher, who only appears in the setting of Angry Kid and Speccy's classroom. So far, she has only been in two episodes, both of which are specials: Darkside and Who do I Think I Am?
  • Jo Allen / Beth Chalmers as Lil' Sis,Angry Kid's little sister. Her brother usually torments and teases her, but she gets her own back sometimes. Even though she is smaller and younger than Angry Kid, she is a lot smarter. She very rarely speaks, but she had one speaking part in the episode "Horror," in which she was possessed by an evil spirit and her head turned all the way around. She also talked in the Who Do I Think I Am? specials and the Aardman's Dark Side exclusive episode.
  • Mike Cooper / Kevin Eldon / Lee Evans as Speccy, Angry Kid's nerdy "best friend". Speccy is allergic to nuts (as revealed in "Swollen"), and when Angry Kid shoved a handful down his throat, he became severely disfigured, and he was then rushed to the hospital by Dad. Speccy has always picked on by Angry Kid, who's very cruel to him (e.g. making Speccy do his homework for him, or not letting Speccy watch movies with him). In the 23-minute special Who Do I Think I Am?, it was revealed that Speccy's real name is Myles.
  • Series 1

  • Car Sick

  • Angry Kid Stinky Angry Kid YouTube

    Angry Kid is sitting in the back of his dad's car, holding a chocolate bar and a can of Coke, with chocolate smeared around his mouth. To annoy his dad, he keeps pretending he's going to "jub up" (be sick), which makes Dad furious. By the time Angry Kid was sticking his fingers down his throat, Dad abruptly stops the car in traffic, causing Angry Kid to actually vomit. Left with no alternative, he swallows it.

  • Bored
  • Angry Kid and his younger sister, Lil' Sis, are watching an educational TV program. A bored Angry Kid sticks his tongue out and does the V signs at Lil' Sis. When he gets her attention by pushing her and blowing a raspberry, she retaliates by sticking her two fingers up his nose. After sneezing on her fingers, which makes her cry, Angry Kid tries to quiet her by hugging and shushing her, unaware that she's rubbing the snot onto his face.

  • Goalie
  • Angry Kid is playing football as the goalie, which he finds rather boring. He doesn't pay attention to the ball, and as a result, is hit in the face by the ball, making him dizzy. He is then hit by the ball a second time, knocking him out.

  • Blood Juice
  • Angry Kid is sitting in the back of Dad's car, asking if they're there yet (to which Dad says, "Nope.", and "No." after his son ask again) and then "How many miles till we get there?" (but he's interrupted by Dad commanding him, "Be quiet!"). Angry Kid then starts playing with his boxing puppet (which looks exactly like him). But while playing with the puppet, Angry Kid accidentally makes it punch him in the nose, causing a nose bleed. Angry Kid wipes it off his face and keeps telling his dad that it's "blood juice" in an attempt to get his attention. He then blows his nose, making the blood go all over his face. Upon finally seeing this, Dad gets frustrated, stops the car, and tells Angry Kid to get out of the car. During the credits, he is heard telling Angry Kid to lean back and pinch his nose to make the bleeding stop, but it gets all over Angry Kid's shirt, which makes Dad more furious.

  • Road Hog
  • Angry Kid is riding his bike down a street when a white van approaches up behind him and the driver honks his horn at Angry Kid, startling him. The van continually tries to overtake Angry Kid, but he keeps changing lanes, swerving across the road and putting his arm out so the van can't pass him, which further angers the driver, who honks his horn and yells at Angry Kid to get out of the road. He continues this until the van runs out of diesel, but Angry Kid then realizes he is lost and cannot find his way home. In a post end credits scene, it shows a tired Angry Kid, who eventually falls off his bike and onto the ground in exhaustion.

  • Stinky
  • Angry Kid is at school standing in front of a brick wall. He then sniffs his finger which makes him feel sick. He keeps sniffing it and making vomit noises. A "Director's Cut" Version of this episode includes a suspenseful soundtrack which heightens every time he sniffs his finger.

  • Headlights
  • Angry Kid is in his father's car going through a dark tunnel. Each time a light shines at Angry Kid, he makes different expressions. He then gets out of his father's car without using the door and winds up on the back-screen. He then clings onto the front of a lorry, before turning up in his father's car again, asking "Are we there yet?".

  • Cotton Bud
  • Angry Kid is trying to sneeze but he can't, so he sticks a cotton bud up his nose. It causes him to sneeze, but the cotton bud gets stuck. As he tries to remove it, he sneezes again, causing his entire thumb to go up his nose.

  • Sex Education
  • An ill Angry Kid is in the front lounge watching a sex education show about reproduction. A few minutes later, his sister comes in. Eventually, Lil' Sis begins to cry and Angry Kid nearly vomits at the birthing scene, so he switches to another programme about liposuction. This finally causes him to vomit.

  • Bone
  • Angry Kid is riding his bike down a street. He succeeds in riding with one hand, but when he attempts to ride with no hands, he falls off his bike. He gets up only to notice a large bone sticking out of his elbow. Then a nearby dog grabs Angry Kid's bone. Angry Kid fights with the dog and eventually fends the dog off by biting off its ear. Angry Kid claims he "feels a bit jubby", then faints and collapses.

  • Captain Thunderpants
  • Angry Kid is sitting in the back of Dad's car, bored with listening to Dad's country music tape. Angry Kid asks if he can put on his tape, "Captain Thunderpants". There are only two lines in this song, which are "one pound of middle cut pork leg joint" and "stew my foot and call me Brenda", which Angry Kid likes to accompany with a car-horn and two air-horns. Eventually, Dad stops the car and throws the now-destroyed tape back to Angry Kid in frustration. As he tries to restart the car, the sounds of the engine begin to mimic the beat of Captain Thunderpants' song, which Angry Kid honks to in delight.

  • Swearing
  • Angry Kid is sitting in the back of the car, and begins to ask Dad what swear words he can say. After 't*ts' and 'bugger' are rejected, Dad reluctantly complies to 'bum'. After saying 'bum' over and over (which annoys Dad, who tells him to stop), Angry Kid mutters other made-up swear words before Dad hits him with a newspaper. Angry Kid says 'bugger', 'sh*t', and 'f**k', with Dad continuing to hit him, until he almost hits him again when Angry Kid says 'cabbage'. Dad then mutters, "Sh*t." and Angry Kid, upon hearing him, tells him he said 'sh*t', before Dad angrily hits him with the newspaper again. Angry Kid sniffles, and tears start rolling down his cheeks.

  • Queen's Speech
  • It is Christmas time, and Angry Kid is attempting to make a national speech to the Queen. However, he continually makes jokes and messes around until the director of the speech gives up on him. Lil' Sis is hanging from the Christmas tree.

  • Hard Face
  • Angry Kid is meant to be brushing his teeth, but instead, he brushes up on his imitations and pretends to be different characters, including a pimp and a robber. When he brushes too fast, the toothbrush becomes stuck in his mouth, to which he mimics Marlon Brando by saying, "They don't show me no respect!" Realising he is stuck, he quietly murmurs, "Mum?".

  • Chips
  • Angry Kid's standing outside a chip shop eating a 50p portion chips from a newspaper. He tries tossing the chips into his mouth but misses every time, which attracts the attention of a neighborhood dog. Angry Kid then begins to tease the dog using the chips. Angry kid sticks his tongue out at the dog, which the dog promptly jumps up and bites, dragging Angry Kid to the ground.

  • Superhero
  • Angry Kid is now Captain Buggernuts, the Masked Bum Cake Avenger, and his mission is to save the world from the evil Dr. Assrot and his evil accomplices on his "trusty hydro chopper". But when he gets attacked by a dog (who obviously works for Dr. Assrot), he is saved by Lady Angelfarts (Lil Sis), who then saws off Angry Kid's hair (which appeared to be hiding two bones, are later attacked by two other dogs in a post-credits scene).

  • Love Bite
  • Angry Kid is sucking on a bottle in an attempt to give himself a love-bite, in a bid to fool others into believing he has a girlfriend. After giving himself two love-bites, and becoming agitated with his audience not believing him, he angrily charges at the camera.

  • Buzz Off
  • Angry Kid is in the bathroom, where he finds his mother's vibrator. He sellotapes his toothbrush to it and, using a pair of false teeth, pretends to be an old lady. Eventually, he sticks a toothbrush onto the vibrator, and brushes his teeth. After placing the toothbrush on the highest setting, the vibrations cause him to buzz around the room.

  • Backwards Writing
  • Angry Kid, Lil' Sis, and Dad are in the car and Angry Kid asks why Ambulance is written backwards on a passing ambulance. Dad then explains, only for Angry Kid to start writing obscene backwards messages to his father. Incredibly irritated, Dad starts repeatedly hitting Angry Kid every time he shows a new sign, with Lil Sis encouraging him with more signs as well.

  • Hoax Call
  • Angry Kid is doing a prank phone call to a Directory Inquiries service. After enraging the Scottish worker on the other end of the line with the switch-name 'Big Dog's Dick', the highly agitated and depressed worker on the other line, results committing suicide by firearm. A startled Angry Kid repeatedly stutters "Goodbye, bye now, b-bye" over the dial-tone, before placing the phone back on the receiver. He is left looking at the phone, scared at what he has done.

  • Wee Wee
  • Angry Kid is peeing when Lil Sis walks into the bathroom. He tells her not to look but she doesn't listen, so he ends up peeing on her, causing her to cry.

  • Speed
  • Angry Kid and Lil' Sis are being chased by the police on a bike. After evading the police car by driving down a side-street, Angry Kid hacks into the police radio and begins to taunt the two chasing officers. However, neither officer realizes that he has actually sneaked into the back of their car with a walkie-talkie. After the officers begin to fight for the radio, Angry Kid sneaks out of the car and back onto his bike, while Lil' Sis rides away with Angry Kid mimicking a police siren and shouting "Woo woo woo woo woo! Bollocks!".

  • Sneeze
  • Angry Kid is sneezing at the mirror, making loud noises. When his mother tries getting into the locked bathroom, he sneezes so loud and harshly that his eyeballs pop out and stick to the mirror.

  • Horror
  • Angry Kid and his Lil Sis are watching a horror movie, and Angry Kid tries to scare his little sister with a pair of ghoulish gloves. When that plan fails, he tries poking her with a spider on a stick. However, she remains unfazed. When he then tries scaring with a ghost mask, she is possessed by a demon who exclaims: "Shut the fuck up! I'm trying to watch the telly!", she takes the ghost mask, shoves it in Angry Kid's mouth, then reverts to normal.

  • Kidnap
  • Angry Kid is in the back of his dad's car, asking him "Are we there yet?" which Dad yells "No!". He then loudly blows his nose with a tissue, saying he's got "snot blocks". Annoyed, his father warns him to stop being naughty or he'll take him to the children's home. Angry Kid tells his dad that he doesn't care about him and love him, and after Dad silence him, he begins using the tissue as a whip and hit him with it, making him scream in pain. An enraged Dad eventually gives up and says that he's taking his son to the home. Terrified upon hearing this, Angry Kid begs him not to, and when Dad doesn't reassure him (as to give him another chance to behave nicely), he gags himself with the tissue and writes on a piece of paper 'Help! Kidnap!'. Dad is promptly pulled over by a passing police car, who obviously believes Angry Kid's help sign. However, after the post end credits of the episode, Angry Kid ends up at the children's home anyway, and as Dad drives away laughing evilly, he yells "bollocks!". Season Finale.

    Series 2

  • Wanker
  • Angry Kid is sitting in the back of Dad's car and he asks him, "What's a wanker?", because his friends told him what it was like at school. But Dad can't put it in terms Angry Kid would understand, so he just tells him that it's a type of behavior and tells him to not talk about it, to which Angry Kid agrees. He then whispers, "Wanker!" while doing the "Wanker" gesture.

  • Catapult
  • Angry Kid aims his slingshot at the camera while doing a Dirty Harry impersonation. He then accidentally fires the slingshot at a car. A teacher finds out and Angry Kid then fires the catapult at himself.

  • I Spy
  • Everyone's favorite car game takes a very twisted turn when Angry Kid decides to have a little fun with Dad.

  • Sex Call
  • Angry Kid rings for phone sex, being confused of what "Cumming" means.

  • Strange Trip
  • Angry Kid is once again bored of long car journeys, so Dad suggests he just close his eyes and sleep. But while Angry Kid's sleeping, Dad drives through a magical world with things to keep Angry Kid amused. Dad then tells Angry Kid to wake up, but he doesn't because he said sleep. When he finally wakes up, the magical world is gone.

  • Card Trick
  • Angry Kid is in the living room, trying to show his sister a card trick, but fails when Lil' Sis cannot show him which card she picked. Eventually, she points to the TV screen, which projects her card.

  • Philosophical
  • Angry Kid's wondering what'll happen after his parents die and he wants to know how much inheritance will he get.

  • Puerile
  • Angry Kid and Lil' Sis are reading magazines on the couch, but then they challenge each other to a loud and smelly farting contest. Angry Kid then tries to set his farts on fire with a match, only to burn his crotch.

  • Curious
  • Angry Kid wondered what was happening last night as he could hear strange noises coming from his parents bedroom but his Dad reckons he was just dreaming. Unimpressed, Angry Kid decides to ask his Mum about it, prompting his dad to offer him £10 to never mention it again. Angry Kid accepts it, and then asks how much a butt plug costs.

  • Russian Roulette
  • Angry Kid, Lil' Sis, and Speccy are playing a game of Russian roulette where you spin the hammer and if it points to you, you hit yourself with the hammer. Note: The uncut version of this episode sees a somewhat more graphic conclusion when Speccy gets hit.

  • Tourette's
  • Angry Kid pretends that he has tourette syndrome whilst in the car, making Dad become evermore enraged.

  • Piss
  • Angry Kid asks Dad to stop the car because he needs a "wee" (go to the toilet). But Dad's reluctant and instead gives him a flask to pee in. Trouble soon follows.

  • Swollen
  • Angry Kid and his friend Speccy are both sitting in back seat of the car. Angry Kid then offers Speccy a peanut, but he kindly refuses because he's allergic to nuts. Regardless, Angry Kid makes Speccy swallow a nut by punching him in the shoulder and quickly puts a nut in his mouth (while it's open) and Speccy accidentally swallows it and as a result, he gets all puffed up and disfigured. When Dad asks what's going on, Angry Kid puts the bag of nuts over Speccy's head and pretends that everything's fine. But Dad gets suspicious when he sees the bag over Speccy's head and orders Angry Kid to take it off, which he does. When he sees Speccy disfigured, Dad gets scared and tells Speccy that he's going to take him to a hospital, to which Speccy thanks him and says that he's so kind and Angry Kid laughs at him.

  • Bad News
  • As Angry Kid and Lil' Sis are eating breakfast, they're informed by Dad that their grandmother has died. Angry Kid then begins to choke, with no one realizing that it's genuine.

  • Cake
  • Angry Kid is eating Lil' Sis' birthday cake and when Dad asks him why he's eating it, he says that she doesn't like cake because she told him. Later, Lil' Sis shows up and sees that her cake has been eaten, and she walks away upset.

  • Chemistry
  • Angry Kid and Speccy are doing experiments, but Angry Kid uses anything he can lay his hands on. He's then able to turn himself invisible, enabling him to torture Speccy. He does so by taking Speccy's glasses off and snapping them in half, then hits his head repeatedly on the table. But before he can hit him with a fire extinguisher, Dad enters (having heard all the ruckus) and orders Angry Kid to stop, but Angry Kid sprays Speccy with the fire extinguisher and says that he shouldn't be playing with toys.

  • Dustbin
  • Angry Kid is suffocating Speccy in the dustbin and tells him that he's not letting him out until he signs a contract for him. And Speccy does sign it, but not as himself, saying that Angry Kid didn't specify that the signature had to be his. So Angry Kid keeps Speccy trapped in the dustbin and after the credits, Angry Kid's seen keeping a watch on the dustbin late at night.

  • Dolly
  • Angry Kid's playing with one Lil' Sis' dolls (Jemmima) in the kitchen. But when she sits down at the table with him, Angry Kid pretends to hate dolls (especially Jemmima) and puts the doll in a blender, stab it 3 times with a fork, squirt it with a jar of ketchup, and turn on the blender (thus destroying the doll). When Dad sees this, he asks if they're playing dollies together, but Angry Kid says no. Dad, not fooled by Angry Kid's fake innocence, orders his son to stop teasing Lil' Sis and give her doll back to her. Angry Kid does so, but the doll's now all messed up. Angered, Dad orders Angry Kid to go to his room, but Angry Kid tries to fix the doll, only for Dad to yell at him to go to his room.

  • Sofa Attack
  • Angry Kid and Lil' Sis are watching a scary movie on TV and eating popcorn. But what they don't know is that Speccy's behind them trying to get to the popcorn, but he's being viciously attacked by Angry Kid's dog. The dog then throws the now-badly hurt Speccy over the couch, thus scaring Angry Kid and Lil' Sis and making them scream (because they thought it was a dead body).

  • Snail
  • Angry Kid's setting up a snail race, but he crushes the snail's shells with a cricket bat and then he whacks Speccy with it.

  • Jackanory
  • Angry Kid tells the viewers the story of "Little Red Riding Twat" (a spoof of Little Red Riding Hood), with Speccy as Little Red Riding Twat, Lil' Sis as the Grandma, and Angry Kid's dog as the Wolf.

  • Marathon Man
  • Angry Kid, armed with a large amount of fireworks, is running down the street being chased by his dog. He chucks multiple fireworks to distract his dog which hit several people. His dog eventually brings a lit firework back to him causing to light the large amount of fireworks, and causing an explosion.

  • Road Safety
  • Angry Kid meets the Green Cross Code man, a road safety mascot, on the streets but won't listen to the Road Safety instructions. The Green Cross Code man is then hit by a car.

  • Birdy
  • Angry Kid and Lil' Sis meet a singing robin (which is really a cartoon) at a Christmas shop, and Angry Kid tells Lil' Sis that there is no Santa Claus and it's just Dad, only to be flattened by Santa himself (who's also a cartoon).

  • What Are You Like?
  • Angry Kid's posing as Dick Spoonphil, investigating what's happening on the streets. He sees a passerby and asks him what he's like, but then he whacks him twice with his microphone. But then Angry Kid tells the man to come back again, only to whack him again and laughs. The man then retaliates by pushing Angry Kid to the ground and walks off. Angry Kid gets up and says, "What was he like?!".

    Series 3

  • Interview (3 July 2015)
  • Angry Kid gets interviewed for Street Talk, a fictional TV show. He then snatches the microphone the interviewer was using and pretends to be a DJ, much to the interviewer's annoyance.

  • Boyhood (24 July 2015)
  • Angry Kid takes a picture of himself every day for the next 10 years, only to reveal that his appearance never changes.

  • Puberty (14 August 2015)
  • Angry Kid asks his dad what "pubberty" is. He corrects him and explains by showing him pictures from a website, which Angry Kid reacts to in disgust. He claims he needs therapy, and tries to convince his dad to give him some money for some sessions. Dad instead decides to cancel the internet so Angry Kid can earn the money himself. He then insists he's not traumatized and Dad believes him. When he leaves the room, it is revealed that this was a secret plan to help Speccy earn some money to pay for a class. Angry Kid then tells Speccy, who calls him via a cell phone, some of the new information he apparently learned. Speccy just hangs up without reply.

  • Bumfluff (4 September 2015)
  • Angry Kid watches Dad shave, and proceeds to shoot him with a toy gun. In this episode it is implied that Angry Kid is under the age of 14, despite that he's 15.

  • Emo (25 September 2015)
  • Angry Kid becomes an 'Emo' and believes that because of all the bad things happening in the world, he would be better off dead. He changes his mind when hearing what Dad plans to do with his room if that happened.

  • Vaccination (15 Oct 2015)
  • Angry Kid gets an injection and starts messing about with the nurse.

  • Mind Control (5 Nov 2015)
  • Angry Kid believes that people are trying to make him do bad things, so to protect himself he puts tin foil over his hair and his dad tries to find out why.

  • Stephen (26 Nov 2015)
  • Mum gets a new boyfriend and Dad is getting jealous.

  • Workout (28 January 2016).
  • Angry Kid presents a workout to show how to work off one's buffy bits.

  • Fishy Factzz (19 February 2016)
  • Angry Kid presents his own documentary with false facts on fish.


    Series 1 and 2 were produced by Aardman Animations. Series 3 is distributed by Aardman Animations and produced by Mr Morris Productions.

    Who Do I Think I Am?

    A 23-minute special, broadcast on BBC Three at 7:30 pm on Christmas Eve, 2004. The plot focuses on Angry Kid, who is given the task to write a 10-page essay for his teacher on who he really thinks he is. Despite their efforts, his dad and his friend Speccy are of no help, but later he gets the aid of Lil Sis, who wants all of his possessions in return for writing the essay, to which he reluctantly agrees. The special ends with Angry Kid reading out the essay written by Lil Sis about what he really is before going out to workout in the school gym.


    Angry Kid raps in a music video called "Handbags," telling the story of how the kids (which, oddly, look exactly like him) playing football also use handbags.


    Angry Kid and the other characters sing in a music video called "Gridlock," telling the story of how the kids were stuck in a traffic jam and everyone was fighting with each other. It was part of Aardman's Live Earth series.

    Angry Kid's Dark Side

    A straight-to-DVD episode featured on Aardman's Dark Side DVD. Angry Kid is running in the forest, where he finds a bandaged-up version of himself as a woman. Angry Kid soon realizes that it's just a nightmare. Lil' Sis comes into his bedroom to ask if he's all right, and asks if he can play with her, but then she splits in two before him, which turns out to be yet another nightmare in reference to The Shining. He wakes up again to find Speccy is at the foot of his bed, talking about maths and triangles. Angry Kid calls his nightmare crap, and Speccy dryly retorts that the real nightmare is when he wakes up. Angry Kid then realizes that he's at school wearing a dress. Angry Kid is promptly told off before Speccy keeps saying, "There's no place like home" 3 times (a reference to The Wizard of Oz). Angry Kid then hits Speccy with a shoe, and the nightmares end.

    Merry Christmas Stocking Song

    Angry Kid sings an acoustic Christmas song called Merry Christmas Stocking Song. The video comes to Angry Kid is celebrating the side of a Christmas tree with an average of Santa Claus and he wanted to know what you got for Christmas. And he was given a leg. The video was recorded in 2010 and can be seen on YouTube. At the end of the video says: Happy Christmas from Angry Kid.

    My Vloggy

    A three part special released over December 2015. In My Exclusive Movie Review No.1 Angry Kid reviews what he claims is the new Star Wars film. In How To: Make a Donald Trump Xmas Decoration Angry Kid shows how to make the figure out of a potato and shredded wheat. In My Christmas Vloggy Angry Kid shows the presents he received including Marmite toothpaste and dog excrement in a box.

    Call Out!

    Angry Kid asks the audience if there is something they would like him to comment on.


    Angry Kid Wikipedia

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