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Angels in the Infield

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Director  Robert King
Film series  Angels
Country  United States
5/10 IMDb

Genre  Family, Fantasy, Comedy
Initial DVD release  April 6, 2004
Angels in the Infield movie poster

Writer  Richard Conlin, char., Robert King, plot, Holly Goldberg Sloan, plot, Garrett K. Shiff, screenplay, Robert King, screenplay
Release date  April 9, 2000
Cast  Patrick Warburton (Eddie "Steady" Everett), Britt Irvin (Laurel Everett), Kurt Fuller (Simon), Rebecca Jenkins (Claire Everett), Duane Davis (Randy Fleck)
Similar movies  Good Will Hunting, A Life Less Ordinary, The Great Escape, It's a Wonderful Life, City of Angels, Dogma

Angels in the Infield is a 2000 Disney television film, Directed by Robert King. A follow up to the 1994 film Angels in the Outfield, and the 1997 film Angels in the Endzone, this motion picture is about a group of angels trying to help a baseball team win a championship game, while at the same time helping to reunite the team's pitcher's family. The Anaheim Angels are again featured, in a reprise of the role that the team played during Angels in the Outfield.


Angels in the Infield movie scenes


Angels in the Infield movie scenes

When Eddie Everett was a rookie in 1992, he was one of the best pitchers of his time. He led the California Angels to the American League Championship Series, where they played the Boston Red Sox, and were one out away from making it to the World Series (this same situation occurred in real life, but in 1986, not 1992). When a rookie playing for the Red Sox hits a ground ball to Eddie, he bobbles it and is unable to get him out, while the runners he let on base score, losing a chance for the Angels to make it to the World Series. Ever since then, he had never been the same pitcher, or the same person.

Angels in the Infield movie scenes

Six years later, Eddie and his wife, Claire, are divorced, and he has barely kept contact with their thirteen-year-old daughter, Laurel. However, at a game where the Anaheim Angels are playing the fictitious Arizona Crimson Devils, and they lose, Claire says that she is taking a job in Boston and is leaving Laurel with him. When he takes her back home, she realizes that his life isn't at all what she thought it'd be. He can't get over losing that game in his rookie year, and she prays that he can get a second chance.

Angels in the Infield movie scenes

After hearing this prayer, real angel, and former Angels pitcher Bob Bugler, is sent to help her. He and other angels help the team have an incredible winning streak, right when Eddie was about to get cut from the team. Soon, his game improves, as well as his relationship with Laurel.

Angels in the Infield movie scenes

As the season ends, the Angels and the Crimson Devils are forced to play in a one-game playoff to determine which team will represent their division in the postseason. The actual devil makes a deal with Randy Fleck, the Crimson Devils' star player a.k.a. the one who hit the grounder that blew the 1992 ALCS for the Angels, for Eddie to lose the game, and everything he cares about, in exchange for his soul. He agrees.

Angels in the Infield movie scenes

The devil makes the game delayed thanks to rain, and Eddie leaves to see Laurel's ballet recital. To get him to the game faster, Bob speeds up the recital. When he gets to the game, the Crimson Devils are up 2-0 in the bottom of the eighth inning. The Angels soon score three runs thanks to a home run by a player who had a demon holding him back. When Laurel asks Bob why he didn't do anything about it, he replies that the angels aren't allowed to help in championships. When the ninth inning comes, Eddie gets two quick outs, but then a player hits a triple. Then, Fleck who blew the game for him in his rookie year comes to the plate, and he asks God what to do, then Bob comes up to him on the mound and tells him that his angel just arrived, and he looks in the stands to see Claire standing there. After this, he pitches to him, and he hits a ground ball just like the one he hit in their rookie year, but this time, he manages to get it, and he throws it to first to end the game, and save his career. He hugs Laurel after the game, and kisses Claire.


Angels in the Infield movie scenes

  • Patrick Warburton as Eddie Everett
  • Brittney Irvin as Laurel
  • David Alan Grier as Bob "Bungler" Bugler
  • Colin Fox as The Devil
  • Kurt Fuller as Simon
  • Rebecca Jenkins as Claire

  • Angels in the Infield movie scenes


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