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Angela Pan

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Chinese name  潘迎紫
Years active  1963–2004
Pinyin  Pan Yingzi (Mandarin)
Name  Angela Pan
Birth name  Pan Yin-tze
Role  Actress
Occupation  Actress

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Born  22 May 1949 (age 66) Suzhou, China (1949-05-22)
Other name(s)  Poon Yin-chi, Pan Yingzi
Spouse  Chan Hung-lit (m. 1972–1980)
Movies  One‑Armed Swordsman, Come Drink with Me, Around the World in 80 Days, Princess Iron Fan, The Mermaid
Similar People  Chan Hung‑lit, Angie Chiu, Liu Xiaoqing, Qiang Xiao, Chang Cheh

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Angela Pan Yin-tze (born 3 August 1949) is a Hong Kong actress who starred in numerous films and soap operas in the 1970s–1980s.


Life and career

  • Pan started out in Hong Kong and was involved in many movies and stage shows. But Pan did not truly become famous until she went to Taiwan. It was in Taiwan when she took up the role as lead actress in The Return of the Condor Heroes (神鵰俠侶), The Empress of the Dynasty (一代女皇), The Princess of the Dynasty (一代公主) which created a sensation at the time. The shows were viewed by over 60% of the population out of all the shows shown at the same time.
  • Pan finish from Southern Experimental Theater Troupe
  • In 1972 she married actor Chan Hung-lit, but they divorced in 1980.
  • At the time Pan and Meng Fei (孟飛) were said by the Taiwan Television Circle to be the "Perfect couple on the Screen" due to their excellent performance in The Return of the Condor Heroes.
  • Pan did a lot of shows with Taiwan's well-known television network China Television Company, Ltd., also known as CTV (中國電視公司), leading her to be called the "Lovely Young Mistress of CTV (中視當家花旦)" (At the time there were only 3 channels in Taiwan, Taiwan Television (TTV), China Television (CTV) and Chinese Television System (CTS)).
  • Even though Pan started out in the 1960s, she never revealed her true age. People have been unable to guess her age because she played a lot of young ladies' roles on the screen. Especially in The Empress of the Dynasty and "Empress Da Yu Er" (一代皇后大玉兒) she played all the roles of the girl from childhood to old age; due to her impressive acting job these performances are considered to be her most critically acclaimed role. Also because of her ability to play a teenage girl's role over the years, she was given a nickname of "Baby Doll" or "Doll" (娃娃). She was also the first actress rumored to have had cosmetic work done, due to her ageless look.
  • Pan is well known in China also because of her shows of The Empress of the Dynasty, The Return of the Condor Heroes, Empress Da Yu Er (一代皇后大玉兒) and The Quarrels with Mother-in-Law (婆媳過招七十回) among other roles.
  • She is said to be the Goldie Hawn of Asia due to their similarity of their ageless look.
  • Nicked named as "Doll" (娃娃) or "Ageless Legend".
  • Co-starred with Meng Fei (孟飛) in a lot of dramas, so people called them the "Perfect couple on screen".
  • She is dubbed as the "Queen of CTV" because of all of her TV appearances were shown on CTV during the golden age of the 1980s and 90s.
  • Personal life

    In 1972 she married actor Chan Hung-lit whom she co-starred with in many films but divorced in 1980.


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