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Originally published  1936
Author  Graciliano Ramos
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Resenha ang stia de graciliano ramos

Angústia is a book by Graciliano Ramos that tells the life of Luís da Silva, a man very confused with his own life.


One day, he meets Marina, his new neighbour, a beautiful girl with whom he falls in love. From this point, the monotony of his life is abruptly changed for a voluntary thought about the family, the childhood and the present, when Julião Tavares, a rich man, fell in love with Marina.

Depoimento de antonio candido no simp sio graciliano ramos 75 anos do livro ang stia


Though the book is considered modernist, the author also makes use of Symbolism and Naturalism. His theories about romance are shown when he describes the angst of the main character, Luís da Silva: suffering, anxiety, a feeling of sickness. It's curious to say but there's an influence from the psychoanalysis, too, when the imagined disease of Luís da Silva begins to change his behavior and his sense of reality. Thus, Graciliano Ramos is one of the greatest authors of Brazilian modernism, transcending regional limits with his literary style, in comparison with Marcel Proust.


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