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Type  Distributor
Founded  2004
Industry  Pharmaceuticals
Headquarters  Milan, Italy
Key people  Andrea Zambon (Chairman & Managing Director), Renato Jacopetti (General Mgr - Anfatis North), Luigi Maschio (General Mgr - Anfatis Center-South), Giacinta Mercurio (Head - Admin & Treasury), Vanessa Laginestra (Group Controller)
Products  over-the-counter drugs, dermocosmetics, medical devices, phytochemical, health products,

Anfatis SpA (/ˈɑːnfɑːtɪs/;) is the holding company of a group of 6 Italian distributors (Concessionari) which sell, distribute and deliver pharmaceuticals products to +8,000 pharmacies. Founded in Italy in 2004, it is headquartered in Milan.



- 2004: Anfatis SpA was founded in Milan, Italy, following a business idea and a business plan conceived and produced by Antonio Carrari, a long-term pharma business expert, and Silvio Conforti, a financial advisor.

Original Mission
To set up a national distributor through the acquisition of regional operators (Concessionari) to sell and deliver pharmaceuticals products to Italian pharmacies

- 2005: Beginning of the acquisition plan. Jacopetti Farmaceutici Srl and Jacopetti Commerciale Srl are acquired in Padua; SAF Srl and Marpur Srl are acquired in Bari; Elifarm Srl is acquired in Catania.

- 2006: Della Santa Vasco Eredi Srl is acquired in Florence; Piemont-Farm Srl is acquired in Turin; Venos Srl is acquired in Bologna.

- 2007: Pharmatre SpA, a Foligno, Perugia, based distributor and producer, is the last acquisition to be added to the group.

- 2010: Kjos SpA, an Italian private equity firm, becomes the majority shareholder and the driver of a new plan.

- 2011: Kjos, the majority shareholder, together with Anfatis management define and design an Integration Plan.

- 2012: In August 2012 Jacopetti Commerciale Srl is merged into Jacopetti Farmaceutici Srl; in December 2012 Elifarm Srl and Marpur Srl are merged into SAF Srl.

- 2012 -> August 2013:

Current Plan:
Two Regions of Operations: Anfatis North - Anfatis Center-South,
Three Logistics Centers

One Integrated Company by early 2015
Anfatis Group

Today's Mission
To become the national distributor of choice for leading Italian and foreign pharma companies

Board of Directors

Andrea Zambon
Chair & Managing Director

Luigi Maschio
Managing Director

Alessandro Savorana

Ennio Bonomini

Internal Auditors

Micaela Rita Marcarini

Ugo Marco Luca Maria Pollice,
Lorenza Maria Guglielmi,
Laura Paganini,

Rosanna Lupica Piccitto

Auditing Company



The group operations is divided into 2 regions:

Anfatis North: Renato Jcopetti, Director

Jacopetti Farmaceutica Srl (PD), Piemont-Farm Srl (TO)

Anfatis Center-South: Luigi Maschio, Director

Venos Srl (BO), Della Santa Vasco Eredi Srl (PG), Pharmatre SpA (PG), SAF Srl (BA)

The operations of each region hinge on three main pillars:

Sales Force


Financial Services

Sales Force

A team of 80 sales representatives managed by:

Gianni Sereno: Anfatis North

Mario De Vito: Anfatis North

Vincenzo Vignola: Anfatis Center-South
Giancarlo Martinenghi: Anfatis Center-South

Carlo Fanelli: Anfatis Center-South


Three logistics centers for a total of 9,500 square meters and a capacity to hold +8,000 pallets:

Jacopetti Farmaceutici Srl - Jacopo Jacopetti (Logistics Director)

Dr. Renato Jacopetti (QA Distribution Director) Spagna 18 – 35127 Padova (PD)

Pharmatre SpA - Roberto Angeli (Logistics Director)
Dott.ssa Giulia Corzani (QA Distribution Director)
Via L. Coccetti, 8 – 06034 Foligno (PG)

SAF Srl - Adriana Bruno (Logistics Manager)
Dr. Luigi Distaso (QA Distribution Director)

s.s. 96 km 118,05 – 70026 Modugno (BA)

Financial Services

The Group offers an advanced Credit-Management system primarily based on Cash-Pooling techniques. Very soon, customers will be able to check via a browser their order/delivery status as well as their account balance and other statistics.

Giacinta Mercurio, Head of Administration & Treasury
Vanessa Laginestra, Group Controller


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