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Andrew K

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Name  Andrew K
Albums  The Doppler Effect
Role  Music performer
Andrew K httpslh4googleusercontentcomOICcXvT6EpcAAA
Similar People  Max Cooper, Flash Brothers, Anthony Pappa, Trafik, Darin Epsilon

Andrew K is a Greek DJ and record producer, born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has performed in numerous clubs and festivals worldwide. As a producer, he has more than 50 releases, on various labels, including Global Underground, Vapour Recordings, Baroque, Armada, Anjunabeats. He also runs his own digital label, Vise Versa Music, focusing on progressive and tech house.



Andrew K's interest in music had him study piano and music theory. His hobbies include international music and collecting records have been amongst his first hobbies. His first attempts as a DJ were at friends’ birthday parties and small underground private raves. He subsequently began composing and producing his own tracks. This caught the attention of DJ Leoni who later signed Andrew to Underground Lessons Recordings (ULR) label. Acting as management, UL set him up with his first professional gigs, as well as having him join Leoni on his weekly radio show. Furthermore, ULR signed and released Inception EP: a collaborative effort with Simon Oates under the moniker of Junk Science. The EP was supported by a variety of international DJs and was aired at many Greek and internet radio stations.


In a 2004 competition held by Global DJ Broadcast, Andrew made it into the top 10 ranking for "New Yalent DJs" when his music set selected from among hundreds of entries worldwide. Following the competition, his sets began being hosted on Proton Radio, Eccentic Beats, Global DJ Broadcast, Safari FM, Dance Nation and, among others, and he began making public appearances as a DJ at events throughout Greece and abroad.

Continued work led to tracks that were signed to international labels, as for example Jataka which was intended for release on ULR, but caught the attention of Global DJ Broadcast's Markus Schulz, who eventually released the tracks on Armada and his compilation Coldharbour Sessions. This led to international recognition and additional labels signing Andrew for his productions and remixes, as well as well-known DJs licensing his tracks in mix compilations. As a DJ, he has many appearances worldwide, both in clubs and festivals worldwide, including the legendary Cavo Paradiso at Mykonos, Greece.

In 2007 Andrew K launched Vise Versa Music, a musical imprint bringing top quality, contemporary club music. The label has been excellently received by DJs and music fans worldwide, while some of the signed artists include Max Cooper, Robytek, Max Demand and David Granha.


Beat Factor gave Dj Leoni & Andrew K's compilation Flavours, a good review, noting "[Flavours] takes us for some good minutes through the electronic music universe, meeting in our travel all kind of musical tyles, from progressive house, break beat, through dark house and even some powerful beats with a tech-house flavour" and concluding after length "If it would be for a cd pool, I think Andrew K is the one who could gain, succeeding to bring in the front some great tracks mixed with a perfect skill".


Andrew K has released over 50 records in a variety of respected labels including Armada, Mo-Do, Pure Substance, Vapour Recordings, Babylon Records.

DJ/Mix albums

  • 2012 : Andrew K - Vise Versa Visitors v.01 [Vise Versa Music]
  • 2007 : Leoni & Andrew K - Underground Lessons Remixes [UL Recordings / Universal Greece]
  • 2004 : DJ Leoni & Andrew K - Flavours [UL Recordings / Universal Greece]
  • 2004 : Andrew K - Junk Science [Freeze]
  • Singles

  • 2011 : Andrew K - The Doppler Effect (w/ Max Cooper Remix) [Vise Versa Music]
  • 2010 : Andrew K - Download This (Rysh Paprota Remixes) [Vise Versa Music]
  • 2009 : Andrew K - Soliton (The Remixes) [Underground Lessons]
  • 2009 : Andrew K - Soliton [Vise Versa Music]
  • 2008 : Andrew K feat. Marcie - Can't Ignore [Vise Versa Limited]
  • 2008 : Andrew K - The Coriolis Effect [Vise Versa Music]
  • 2007 : Leoni & Andrew K - Next To Me (The Remixes) [ Anjunadeep ]
  • 2007 : Andrew K - The Grudge [Pure Substance Digital]
  • 2007 : Leoni & Andrew K - Next To Me [Underground Lessons]
  • 2007 : Junk Science - My Name Is Jacques [ Anjunadeep ]
  • 2007 : SOAK - Miraflores [Vise Versa Music]
  • 2007 : Andrew K - Closure [Sutil]
  • 2007 : Junk Science - Troll (w/ Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Pangea UK]
  • 2006 : Andrew K - Download This [Underground Lessons]
  • 2006 : Andrew K - No Hay Banda [ Global Underground ]
  • 2006 : Leoni & Andrew K - Communicate [Underground Lessons]
  • 2006 : Andrew K - I See You Found It [ Global Underground ]
  • 2006 : Andrew K - Fade X Grey (w/ Phatjak Remix) [Babylon]
  • 2006 : Andrew K - The Grudge EP [Babylon]
  • 2006 : Andrew K & Simuck - Mar De Oro (w/ Trafik Remix) [Babylon]
  • 2006 : Junk Science - Moodswing (w/ Nikola Gala Remix) [Underground Lessons]
  • 2006 : Leoni & Andrew K - Flavours (w/ Sertac Kaya Remix) [Underground Lessons]
  • 2006 : Leoni & Andrew K - Communicate (w/ Logiztik Sounds Remix) [Underground Lessons]
  • 2005 : V-Sag & Andrew K - Fossil (w/ Kosmas Epsilon Remix) [Pure Substance]
  • 2005 : Andrew K pres. Junk Science - Travelogue [Mo-Do]
  • 2005 : Andrew K pres. Junk Science - Synaesthesia [Innovate]
  • 2004 : Junk Science - Sweet Symphony [Armada]
  • 2004 : Junk Science - Tell Us Your Story [Playground]
  • 2004 : Andrew K & Simuck - Clouds Go By (w/ Flash Brothers Remix) [Pure Substance]
  • 2004 : Andrew K pres. Junk Science - Jataka [Armada]
  • 2003 : Andrew K pres. Junk Science - Inception EP [Underground Lessons]
  • Remixes

  • 2012 : Hairdryer - Hola! (Andrew K Remix) [Vise Versa Music]
  • 2006 : CCCP - Lie 2 U (Andrew K Remix) [Wallop UK]
  • 2006 : V-Sag - Thespian (Andrew K Remix) [Vapour]
  • 2006 : Tantamanna - Space Housewife (Andrew K's Space Mistress Remix) [Redflux]
  • 2005 : Siberian Son - Dogma (Andrew K Heretic Mix) [Toes In The Sand USA]
  • 2005 : Sertac Kaya - Ultima (Andrew K Remix) [1Shot US]
  • 2005 : Michael Darius - Magic Of Politics (Andrew K's Trip To 99 Remix) [Blu-Room]
  • 2005 : Rouzbeh Delavari - Lalala (Progresia & Andrew K Remix) [Pure Substance]
  • 2005 : Alican & Soner - Plangent (Andrew K Remix) [Dubcoast]
  • 2005 : Niki B & Christian Effe - Burning My Soul (Andrew K's Logic Tool@130) [Redflux]
  • 2005 : Darioef - Conservation (Andrew K 'This Is Only A Crush' Mix) [Sentient]
  • 2004 : Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (VSag & Andrew K Remix) [White Label]
  • 2004 : Viton & Stel - Wooden Swords (Andrew K Remix) [Planetworks]
  • 2004 : MV - Come Back To Me (Andrew K Remix) [Joystick]
  • 2003 : Quarz - Sommergroove (Andrew K Remix) [Loopsnoo]
  • Songs

    Next to Me
    Mar de Oro
    The Doppler Effect
    Without You
    Six Degrees of Separation
    This Is What It Feels Like
    I See You Found It


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