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Andrew Gow

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Andrew Gow
Books  The Red Jews: Antisemitism in an Apocalyptic Age, 1200-1600
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Andrew Colin Gow is a Canadian historian of medieval and early modern Europe and a noted scholar of early modern witchcraft. He completed his Ph.D with the Reformation scholar Heiko Oberman. Gow is currently Professor of History and Director of the Program of Religious Studies at the University of Alberta. He also serves as Editor-in-Chief of Brill Publishers' series Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions. Gow has successfully supervised over a dozen M.A. and Ph.D students.


Early work

Gow's early work focused on the Red Jews and the German tales of the apocalyptic threat they supposedly presented. His first book The Red Jews: Antisemitism in an Apocalyptic Age, 1200-1600 was published in 1995 by Brill.

Witches in early modern Europe

His later published work focused on early modern witchcraft. Gow co-wrote Male witches in early modern Europe with Lara Apps. This book critiques historians' assumptions about gender in early modern witch hunts.

Johannes Tinctor

Most recently Gow and his research team have been studying and translating an early modern treatise on witch hunting by Johannes Tinctor, Invectives Against the Sect of Waldensians. This book discusses the origin of many of our contemporary ideas about witchcraft, including flying on brooms and casting spells. This project was featured in an episode of CBC Radio's Ideas (radio show). Newspaper articles were written on this project including in the Toronto Star and the Edmonton Journal. Gow and his co-researchers are working on a translated and edited volume of Tinctor: The Arras Witch Treatises: Johann Tinctor's Invectives contre la secte de vauderie and the Recollectio casus, status et condicionis Valdensium ydolatrarum by the Anonymous of Arras (1460), co-introduced, co-edited and co-translated with Robert Desjardins and François Pageau, which will be published in 2016 by Penn State University Press in the series 'Magic in History'.

Other Work

Gow has published in many historical fields. He has written on the history of cartography, German vernacular bibles and the Apocalypse. He also co-edited a collection of writing about the Rocky Mountains: Mountain Masculinity: The Life and Writing of Nello "Tex" Vernon-Wood in the Canadian Rockies, 1906-1938.


-2003 Martha Cook Piper Research Prize.

-University of Alberta Graduate Student Union Teaching Award, 2005

-Humboldt Research Fellowship, 2002–2003

-Mercator Professorship of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), University of Augsburg, 2008


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