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Andrew Catlin

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Nationality  British
Years active  1981–present
Name  Andrew Catlin

Andrew Catlin imagesnpgorguk80080001mw59401jpg
Born  1960 (age 54–55)London, England
Occupation  Photographer, artist, director, cinematographer

Andrew Catlin is an English photographer, artist, director, cinematographer, psychology graduate, portrait and documentary photographer and filmmaker. His work has been widely published, and is held in collections, books, exhibitions and archives.



Catlin grew up equally intrigued by both arts and science. His father was a drama producer at the BBC, his mother a senior staff member at the Royal College of Art. His childhood was spent in London in the 1960s, during a time of great political and social change.

In 1978, he was awarded the Prince Phillip Prize for Zoology by the Zoological Society of London for a research project completed while at school. After attending University College School in London, he continued his studies with a psychology degree at Durham University before returning to London to do a research degree in Learning and Development at University College London.

During this time he also developed his growing interest in photography. Early work for NME, Melody Maker, Smash Hits, and Spin quickly extended to other publications, and commissions from record companies, musicians, designers and artists internationally. His work appeared on numerous record sleeves and magazine covers. He was one of the photographers chosen to document the Live Aid concert in 1985 and was the largest single contributor to the subsequent exhibition and book.

During the 1980s he began directing music videos. During a visit to Japan while working with Bryan Adams, he was experimenting with a Super-8 movie camera, when Adams asked if he would film one of his live songs. The stark black and white clip that followed was reviewed by Chrissy Iley in Director Magazine. Again self-taught, Catlin built on this early experience to create numerous music videos and films in the role of director or director of photography, and sometimes both.

Catlin was Director of Photography for Elements of Mine, a film by Egyptian Director Khaled El Hagar which was awarded First Prize in the Toronto Moving Pictures Festival (MoPix Award 2004).

He had long standing working relationships and collaborations with Simon Hilton, Stefania Malmsten, Seamus McGarvey, Susanne Freytag, Carole Morin, Propaganda, New Order, Bryan Adams, Jesus and Mary Chain, Joan Armatrading, Paul Davis, Blacks Club, Ian McCulloch, Tim Soar, Danny Pope, Susheela Raman, The Pogues, Shane MacGowan', Primal Scream, 23 Skidoo, Last Few Days, The Pixies, Tanya Donnelly.

After 2000, drawing together experience from photography, filmmaking and graphic design, he began a project called "The Matrix Series", exploring graphic compositions with complex multi-frame narratives. Each piece was shot as a set of images designed to interact in multiple dimensions, combining elements of time, movement, rhythm, narrative and graphic structure, while remaining within an essentially documentary framework. One of the first collectors to acquire a print was fashion designer Paul Smith for his HQ shop in London's Floral Street.

Current projects include photography, music videos and documentaries, art direction, films, exhibitions and books. Catlin maintains an eclectic involvement in photography, film, video, education, road safety, art direction, directorships, music, internet and art.

Catlin was quoted on photography in Varsity Magazine: "For me a great photograph needs to have a sense of intrigue. There needs to be a reason to revisit it again and again. Unanswered questions that make further exploration of the image an imperative. Reinterpretation through imagination, consideration and connection. If a picture doesn't have the depth to engage in these ways – if it doesn't make you think and reflect – it may have great visual or emotional impact, but it is superficial.

"A photographer must first see. An act of observation, study and recognition. Second, record. The act of composition, a feeling for light, interpretation. Thirdly, reflect. Consider in more depth the meaning of the image. Edit from a sequence; perhaps change the colour, density, contrast or light in the picture to adjust balance, weight and emphasis within the frame. Some photographers crop, others never do as a matter of principle.

"It doesn't matter. You must arrive at an image you continue to learn from long after it was taken. Something that draws you in and allows you to explore the dynamics of the situation you reacted to and recorded, perhaps quite instinctively, in greater depth. 'The contemplation of things as they are is in itself a nobler thing than a whole harvest of invention.' (Francis Bacon)"

His photography is held in major collections and archives worldwide, including The National Portrait Gallery in London and the Schwules Museum in Berlin.

Selected exhibitions and collections

  • Diorama (London)
  • National Portrait Gallery (London)
  • L' Escargot (London)
  • Electra Gallery (St. Leonards)
  • Schwules Museum (Berlin)
  • SoCo Gallery (Hastings)
  • British Council Touring Exhibition (international)
  • NME (London)
  • National Portrait Gallery (London) - She Bop (2003)
  • Live Aid (London)
  • Paul Smith (London)
  • F-ish Gallery (2011)
  • Lucy Bell Gallery (2013)
  • Trinity 7 Gallery (2014)
  • Books: photography credits

  • Bryan Adams by Bryan Adams and Andrew Catlin (1995), editions: hardcover, paperback
  • Pogue Mahone Kiss My Arse: The Story of the Pogues (hardcover) by Carol Clerk (2007), editions: hardcover, paperback
  • A Drink with Shane MacGowan (paperback) by Shane MacGowan (author), Victoria Mary Clarke (2005), editions: hardcover, paperback
  • It Crawled from the South: An R.E.M. Companion by Marcus Gray, editions: hardcover, paperback
  • Live Aid: The Official Book, paperback (1985)
  • Hastings Today by Nick Hanna, Tim Cross, Andrew Catlin, editions: softcover
  • Nick Cave by Maximilian Dax, hardcover
  • King Ink by Nick Cave, hardcover
  • They're Not Laughing Now by Alexander Brattell and Andrew Catlin (2010), editions: hardcover
  • Vel by Andrew Catlin, Susheela Raman and Sam Mills (2011), editions: hardcover
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain, by Andrew Catlin, Jim Reid and Julie Reid (2012), editions: hardcover
  • Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues, by James Fearnley (2014), editions: softcover
  • Marc Almond's Visual Tome, by Ian David Monroe (2014), editions: hardcover
  • Marc Almond - Trials of Eyeliner, by Alex Petridis (2016), editions: hardcover
  • Selected music videos: director of photography credits

  • David Holmes: "69 Police" (2000)
  • Medal: ‘Porno Song’ (1999)
  • Medal: ‘Up Here For Hours’ (1999)
  • Delakota: '555' (1998)
  • Delakota: 'C’mon Cincinnati' (1998)
  • Ether: ‘Best Friend’ (1999)
  • Satellite Beach: ‘Psycho’ (1998)
  • Ether: ‘She Could Fly’ (1998)
  • Iron Maiden: 'The Angel & The Gambler' (1998)
  • Radiator: ‘I Am’ (1997)
  • Ether: ‘If You If Really Want To Know’ (1997)
  • Naimee Coleman: 'Care About You' (1996)
  • Eternal: 'Secrets' (1996)
  • Planet Claire: ‘Say’ (1996)
  • Planet Claire: ‘21’ (1996)
  • World Domination Enterprises: 'Company News' (1988)
  • World Domination Enterprises: 'Can't Live Without My Radio' (1988)
  • That Petrol Emotion: 'Detonate' (1993)
  • Ed Harcourt: 'Black Feathers' (2009)
  • William Orbit: 'Hello Waveforms' (2006)
  • Princess Diana Tribute: 'We Are the World' (1997)
  • Selected music videos: director credit

  • Aref Durvesh: 'Outerindia One' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (2009)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Ganapati' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (2001)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Salt Rain' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (2001)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Maya' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (2002)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Orphea' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (2010)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Tomorrow Never Knows' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (2016)
  • Doros Quartet: 'Cherubim' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (2015)
  • Deacon Blue: 'Love and Regret' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1989)
  • Pogues: 'Rainy Night in Soho' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1991)
  • Kinky Machine: 'Supernatural Giver' (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1992)
  • FIN: "Sweet Obsession" (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1992)
  • Pooka: "City Sick" (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1993)
  • Scalaland: ‘Snow White Lies’ (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1995)
  • Scalaland: ‘Call Me’ (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1995)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Please Forgive Me' (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Straight from the Heart '(5 screen version) (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Summer of '69' (Live) (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Run To You' (Live) (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1992)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Into the Fire' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1988)
  • Bryan Adams: 'When the Night Comes' (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Cmon Everybody' (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Let's Make a Night to Remember' (dir: Andrew Catlin) (1996)
  • C.C.: 'All Right' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1995)
  • C.C.: 'Beautiful' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1995)
  • C.C. 'Shelter' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1995)
  • C.C.: 'Roots Scared' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1995)
  • Linda Eder 'From This Moment On' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1989)
  • Cowboy Junkies: 'Blue Moon' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1988)
  • Green on Red 'The Quarter' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1989)
  • Green on Red 'Little Things' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1989)
  • Green on Red 'Arrested' (dir/DOP: Andrew Catlin) (1989)
  • Music longforms / concerts

  • Bryan Adams: ‘When The Night Comes’ (Live) (dir: Andrew Catlin)
  • Susheela Raman: ‘The Queen Elizabeth Hall’ (Live) 2012 (dir: Andrew Catlin)
  • Films and documentaries: directing credits

  • Bryan Adams: Waking Up the World CBC Documentary (1993) (dir: Andrew Catlin)
  • Bryan Adams: Waking Up The World DVD Release (2003) (dir: Andrew Catlin)
  • Films and documentaries: director of photography credits

  • Elements of Mine: (dir: Khaled El Hagar/Norbert Servos)
  • Winner First Prize – Moving Pictures Festival, Toronto (MoPix Award 2004)
  • Gumball 3000: documentary of First European rally/race. (1999) (dir. Simon Hilton)
  • References

    Andrew Catlin Wikipedia

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