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Andrew A. Snelling

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Andrew A. Snelling, is a creationist geologist. He has a Ph.D. in geology from the University of Sydney and has worked as a consulting geologist. He was, for a decade, the geology spokesman for the Creation Science Foundation, the coordinating center for creationism in Australia.


In 2007 he was employed by Answers in Genesis as their first full-time PhD in the field of geology as a creationist scientist.

On January 9, 2008, the first article of Answers in Genesis’ new online technical journal, Answers Research Journal, described as a professional, peer-reviewed technical journal for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific and other relevant research from the perspective of the recent Creation and the global Flood within a biblical framework, was published with Snelling as editor-in-chief. Snelling was also one of the editors who took part in the RATE project.

Snelling has been published in standard geological publications estimating the age of geological specimens in billions of years, but has also written articles for creationist journals in which he supports a young-earth creationism viewpoint.

In creationist literature

  • Snelling, Andrew A; Mackay, John (1984). "Coal, Volcanism And Noah's Flood". Ex Nihilo Tech. J. 1: 11–29. 
  • Snelling, A.A.; MacKay, J.B. (1985). "Evidence for catastrophic deposition of coal seams and sediments of the Newcastle Coal Measures". In Moelle, Konrad H.R. Advances in the study of the Sydney Basin. 19. Proceedings of the Symposium. pp. 110–112. 
  • Snelling, Andrew A (1986). "Coal Beds And Noah's Flood". Creation Ex Nihilo. 8 (3): 20–21. 
  • Snelling, Andrew A (1988). "Is the sun shrinking? Part 1. The evidence unfolds.". Creation Ex Nihilo. 11 (1): 14–19. 
  • Snelling, Andrew A (1989). "Is the sun shrinking? Part 2. The debate continues". Creation Ex Nihilo. 11 (2): 30–34. 
  • Snelling, Andrew A (1989). "Is the sun shrinking? Part 3. An unresolved question?". Creation Ex Nihilo. 11 (3): 40–43. 
  • Snelling, Andrew A.; Rush, David E. (1993). "Moon Dust and the Age of the Solar System". Creation Ex-Nihilo Technical Journal. 7: 2–42. 
  • In mainstream scientific literature

  • Giblin, A.M.; Snelling, A.A. (1983). "Application of hydrogeochemistry to uranium exploration in the Pine Creek Geosyncline, Northern Territory, Australia". In Parslow, G.R. Geochemical exploration 1982. 19. Journal of Geochemical Exploration. pp. 33–55. 
  • Snelling, A.A. (1984). "A soil geochemistry orientation survey for uranium at Koongarra, Northern Territory". In Davy, R.; Mazzucchelli, R.H. Geochemical exploration in arid and deeply weathered terrains. 22. Journal of Geochemical Exploration. pp. 83–99. 
  • Dickson, B.L.; Gulson, B.L.; Snelling, A.A. (1985). "Evaluation of lead isotopic methods for uranium exploration, Koongarra area, Northern Territory, Australia". Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 24 (1): 81–102. 
  • Gole, M.J.; Butt, C.R.M.; Snelling, A.A. (1986). "A groundwater helium survey of the Koongarra uranium deposits, Pine Creek Geosyncline, Northern Territory;". Uranium. 2 (4): 343–360. 
  • Dickson, B.L.; Giblin, A.M.; Snelling, A.A. (1987). "The source of radium in anomalous accumulations near sandstone escarpments, Australia". Applied Geochemistry. 2 (4): 385–398. 
  • Dickson, B.L.; Gulson, B.L.; Snelling, A.A. (1987). "Further assessment of stable lead isotope measurements for uranium exploration, Pine Creek Geosyncline, Northern Territory, Australia". Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 27 (1-2): 63–75. 
  • Snelling, A.A. (1990). Hughes, F.E., ed. "Koongarra uranium deposits". Geology of the mineral deposits of Australia and Papua New Guinea. Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. 14: 807–812. 
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