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Andreu Jacob

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Name  Andreu Jacob

Role  Musical Artist
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Albums  KUNST Art Symbiosis (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Similar People  Ferran Savall, Alfonso Vilallonga, Juan Gomez "Chicuelo", Maria del Mar Bonet, Pedro Javier Gonzalez

andreu jacob kunst art symbiosis arriving by train

Andreu Jacob Martinez Foglietti (born 1971) known as Andreu Jacob is a Catalan composer. Andreu Jacob works in such musical genres as classical and contemporary music, jazz, flamenco and other musical styles. He has a wide experience in media, television, studio recordings and movies. Besides he is a gifted multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and arranger.


Andreu Jacob Andreu Jacob When music becomes ART

Gottfried helnwein andreu jacob kunst art symbiosis the murmur of the innocents


Andreu Jacob ANDREU JACOB When music becomes art by Andreu Jacob NumberOneMusic

Born in 1971 in Barcelona , Catalonia (Spain) Andreu was brought up in a poor family that lived in the Raval neighborhood. Jacob showed a great interest in music at the age of 9. He began his musical studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo in Barcelona. A year later he made his first musical performance at theConservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo. At the age 14 he started to work with the Catalan guitarist Max Sunyer. During their cooperation, Andreu learned to play (drums, guitar, trumpet, piano, lute...) by himself. Andreu also studied and worked with a famous Spanish musician Salvador Niebla, later creating with him a creative tandem.

Andreu took the 1st place in the prestigious 75th Composer’s Festival Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Besides he studied carpentry in Barcelona and architectural acoustics in France. In 1990 he published his first work. At the age of 23 he participated in a prestigious international jazz festival in Krakow, Poland and also in Zamosc.

In 1995 at age 24, Andreu got his first sponsorship from the international company Paiste, agreement expiring in 2007 after accepting the proposal to work with his new sponsor Zildjian. Since 2001 Andreu Jacob is considered to be one of the most prestigious musicians. He participates in all kinds of filmmakers tests, demonstrations of musical organizations, manufacturers. He is a headliner in different well-known art magazines and newspapers. Andreu cooperates with such famous brands like: Zildjian, Evans, Tama, Soundart, Casio, PRK Percussions, Music Distribución, Musicmania, Ventamátic, Directworld, Adagio, Native Instruments, Clavia'', Steinberg, Propellerhead, Phantom sound, Microfusa, MI7.

He organized and conducted many different jazz festivals and international musical seminars in (Germany, England, Portugal, Poland, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway...). Andreu Jacob made numerous concerts in different cities - (New York, Berlín, Porto, Lisboa, London, Barcelona, Madrid etc.)

Andreu performed and gave various Master Classes Master Class and conferences en Conservatorios superiores de música, centros de enseñanza =, in many prestigious international music schools. During his career he cooperated with world-class musicians: Chano Domínguez, Miguel Poveda, Guadiana, Max Sunyer, Albert Bover, Salvador Niebla, Jordi Bonell, Alicja Satrurska, The Great Resonance Choral (Poland), Michael Grossman, Maksim Dedikov, Errol Woiski, Miles Griffith, Santi Arisa, Esther Estrada, Rob Stillman, Choral Zangensemble SLAVA (Netherlands), Chema Vilchez, Marina Albero, Juan Gómez "Chicuelo", Conrad Setó, Jordi Rallo, George Soler, Mario Lecaros, Gorka Benitez, Big band " Taller de Músics", Jordi Gaspar, Nacho Romero, Antonio Mesa, Juan de Diego. Also he worked with famous literary poets like: José María Herranz, Luis Antonio de Villena y María Esperanza Párraga among the highlights.

At this moment, A. Jacob is working in projects with famous graphic artists such as: Thomas Dodd, Peter Gric, Gottfried Helnwein, Ian Brodie, Laurie Lipton, Lara Zankoul, Peter Coulson, Alex Timmermans, Tommy Ingberg, Brooke Shaden, Bjørn Tore Manuel Emanuelson, Viviana González ...

In 2012 he moved to Sweden to continue his work. A year later Andreu Jacob moved to Norway where he lives up to now. There he created own company called A.Jacob' s NORGE productions

Other activities

  • Master class teacher in the Hall of Modern Music and Jazz (Aula de Musica Moderna i Jazz) at the Conservatory Superior de Música del Liceo en 2004.
  • Make the circuit as an artist in Circuit REASONS JAZZ 2005 Generalitat de Catalunya – Departamento de Cultura.
  • Performed concerts in the Special productions MUM 2005.
  • Composer of the 57-th at International Astronautical Congress in 2006 under the work "Expanding the Space
  • Participated in the concert with 104 drums, "Récord Guinness" por la obra "Fer volar coloms" de Santi Arisa.
  • Teacher in Taller de Musics in Barcelona specializing in seminars and Master Classes from 2004 to 2007.
  • Master Teacher class at SAE (Barcelona / Madrid) institute in 2008 and 2010.
  • Nominations

  • Nomination for best album by the fusion drive OUTSIDE (2009)
  • Nomination for best album of the year by the disc OUTSIDE
  • Nomination for best album by the fusion drive
  • Nomination for best album of the year for the album BLOW (2010).
  • Nominated for best sound technician for the disk BLOW
  • Nominated for best fusion album for the album EYES OF GOD | OJOS DE DIOS (2011).
  • Nominated for best album of the year for the EYES OF GOD | OJOS DE DIOS (2011).
  • Nominated for best sound technician for the EYES OF GOD | OJOS DE DIOS
  • Nomination of Jacz 2009 awards for best album, the disc OUTSIDE (2009).
  • Nomination for different occasions and categories in the awards
  • 22 Special Production Award Generalitat de Catalunya, Department of Culture (Tour Ressons).
  • 37 Festival de Jazz de Barcelona EthnoSyntheticJazz production.
  • Laura está sola, "Ninfa de oro" Festival, Barcelona, 2003
  • La memoria de los peces, awarded at the 2004 Prague Festival
  • Works

    Andreu Jacob has written and published numerous works. As an arranger Andreu Jacob has worked with many different artists. He is an author of soundtracks for such movies as "Laura esta sola" de Lauren Films (2003), "La memoria de los peces" de Manga Films (2004), "Glamour sex" de Coco Films (2003), "Private Château" de Private Films 2005, "El mar no es azul" de Manga Films (2005), "Arcus de Biart" de Manga Films (2004), "La entrega" de Bert Palmen (2004) o "Buhos" de Plimlico Artworkz (2003).

    Own records

    1. El Valle de Cabuérniga (1990)
    2. The perfume of honey (1997)
    3. 6666 (1998)
    4. Dragon Dreams Vol. I (2000)
    5. Dragon Dreams Vol. II (2000)
    6. Digital Loneliness (2001)
    7. A.Jacob v.1.0 – Black (2002)
    8. A.Jacob v.1.0 –White (2002)
    9. The pious sinner (2003)
    10. Uelhuxe (2003)
    11. Blind passenger to Kamtschka (2004)
    12. Home das Bubas Vol. I (2005)
    13. Home das Bubas Vol. II (2005)
    14. Die enttaeuschung des Hans Castorp (2006)
    15. Natural Order (2007)
    16. Outside (2008)
    17. BLOW (2009)
    18. Ojos de Dios (2010)
    19. Mlechny put (2011)
    20. Manuscritos para Anastasía (2012)
    21. Amargo despertar (2012)
    22. Ett nytt land utanför mitt fönster (2013)
    23. I miss you (2013)
    24. My sweet love (2013)
    25. Guds Øyne (2014)
    26. Manuskripter til Anastasia (2014)
    27. KUNST art symbiosis (2015)
    28. Ja vi elsker dette landet (2015)
    29. Rjukan, Den evige omfavnelse av fjellet (2015)

    Collective works

    1. Acid by Vanguard School (1995)
    2. Resonance by Vanguard School (1995)
    3. Boing Boing (2002)
    4. Batería Total (1998)
    5. Jazz i Noves Músiques de Catalunya 7 (2001)
    6. Jazz i Noves Músiques de Catalunya 9 (2003)
    7. Jazz i Noves Músiques de Catalunya 10 (2004)
    8. JAÇZ Nº1 (2004)
    9. Revista de Jazz 04 (2005)
    10. Projet ONE / Maxi Tuning (2003)
    11. Razzmatazz 03 (2006)
    12. Ukiyohe Behaviour (2003)
    13. A los viejos Maestros / El niño de la Chata (2010)
    14. Hope / Crystina Maez (2010)
    15. Todo en beso / Malena placeres (2008)
    16. Eva / gremio afiliado de joyeros (2006)
    17. Respiraire / Maite Barrera (2011)


    1. настоящий-сценарий / The Real Screenplay (2017)
    2. SANCTUARY (2017)
    3. Humans (2017)

    Collaborations in Soundtracks

    1. Laura esta sola de LAUREN FILMS (2003)
    2. La memoria de los peces de MANGA FILMS (2004)
    3. Glamour sex de COCO FILMS (2003)
    4. Private Château de PRIVATE FILMS (2005)
    5. El mar no es azul de MANGA FILMS (2005)
    6. Arcus de Biart de MANGA FILMS (2004)
    7. La entrega de Bert Palmen (2004)
    8. Buhos de Plimlico Artworkz (2003)


    1. Sinfonia nr. 24, Solens synfoni (2014)
    2. Gumnerside – Kammerkonserte nº 2 (2014)
    3. Sinfonia nr. 23, Rjukan Den evige omfavnelse av fjellet (2013)
    4. Expanding the Space – 57th International Austronautical Congress, (2006)
    5. Concierto para piano y orquesta nº 1, op. 36, en Si bemol mayor
    6. Concierto para piano y orquesta nº 2, op. 225, en Do mayor
    7. Concierto para piano y orquesta nº 3, op. 280
    8. Missa solemnis, opus 38
    9. Toccata C / Aram Chatshaturjan
    10. La cathedrale engloutie / Claude Debussy
    11. Symphonic Nr. 8 C- moll op. 65 / Dimitri Schostakowisich
    12. Unter Grünen
    13. Die Hundekatastrophe
    14. El Valle de los Alientos op. 42


    Andreu Jacob Wikipedia

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