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Andrejsala is a district of Riga, Latvia, located within the former territory of an industrial port next to the city center. It is currently developed into a significant art, culture and entertainment center featuring exhibition halls, clubs, workshops, studios, a cafe and a hotel. The plans for future development of the area are in the works as of June, 2007. Buildings without heritage value in Andrejsala will be demolished and in their place new buildings will be built.

Map of Andrejsala, Northern District, Riga, Latvia

Riga has been at the center of innovation and commerce based partially on its ideal location and taking the opportunities at hand. It has influenced the world throughout its long history. The metropolis is well connected with modern transportation options and is poised for its next chapter in history.

In 1282 Riga became a member of the Hanseatic League bringing both commerce and industry to Riga.

In 2001, Riga celebrated its 800th anniversary as a city.

On 1 May 2004 Latvia joined the European Union.

Riga development plan for years 2006 - 2018 envisions a cruise ship terminal at Andrejsala quay.


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