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Name  Andreas Gripp
Role  Poet
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Books  Captain Fascist and the Plastic Storm Troopers

Andreas Gripp (born 1964) is a Canadian poet and the author of 21 books of poetry and 16 chapbooks.


Born in London, Ontario, he entered the literary field as editor and publisher of Afterthoughts, a poetry journal that existed from 1994 to 2000. His first chapbook appeared in 1999 and his first full-length collection in 2001. His early work was often prose-laden and focused on social issues as well as the lives of marginalized, fictional characters. His later releases, including 2009's The Lesser Light and 2010's The Fall, centered on personal relationships and human interraction with nature, many of the poems written in a metered narrative. His more recent poetry collections, The Apostasy of Daylight (2012) and The Breakfast of Birds (2013), dealt with themes of love, spirituality, and the natural world. An 18th full-length collection, The Better Kiss, was released in the Spring of 2014. He followed that up in 2015 with Holy Rollers and Apocrypha: Poems Selected & New Volume 3, his 19th and 20th books.

A comprehensive collection of both his older and more recent verse appears in his 21st release, the 2015 compilation, Selected Poems 2000-2015. His work has also been published in several anthologies and literary periodicals, including Arborealis: A Canadian Anthology of Poetry (Volumes 1 and 2), Only the Sea Keeps: Poetry of the Tsunami, Van Gogh's Ear, Ascent Aspirations, Myth Weavers: Canadian Myths and Legends, Carousel, The Toronto Quarterly, The Prairie Journal, Canadian Zen Haiku, Literary Review of Canada, Possessions: The Eldon House Poems, Descant, Tower Poetry, Pigeonbike: Semi Permanent Death, Goodbye Billie Jean: The Meaning of Michael Jackson, Under the Mullberry Tree: Poems For & About Raymond Souster, Window Fishing: the night we caught Beatlemania, Quern: An Anthology of Contemporary Poets, and Moon Shine: A Canadian Poetry Collection.

His first collection of selected verse, Anathema: Poems Selected & New, was shortlisted for the 2010 Acorn-Plantos Award for People's Poetry.

In 2005 Andreas Gripp created a new haiku form called Shan-zi. The new haiku is written in 7 lines with breaks of 2,2, and 3. The poem contains 31 syllables arranged in the following manner: 4-5, 5-4, 4-4-5. Shan-zi may be titled.

According to his official website, Andreas Gripp announced that he was going to retire from actively writing, performing, and publishing his poems, effective June 7th, 2015.


  • 2001: Gullible Skeptic, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9688885-0-6
  • 2002: Captain Fascist and the Plastic Storm Troopers, Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780968888513
  • 2003: The Cosmopolitan Day of Reckoning, Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780968888537
  • 2004: Mr. Rubik's House of Cards, Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780968888551
  • 2005: Like Darwin Among the Gods, Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780968888582
  • 2006: The Language of Sparrows, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-1-9
  • 2007: T.O. Loveless & other poems, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-2-6
  • 2007: Angel Clare, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-4-0
  • 2008: Beads on Blossoms, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-5-7
  • 2009: The Lesser Light, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-6-4
  • 2009: Anathema: Poems Selected & New, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-8-8
  • 2010: The Fall, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-9-5
  • 2011: Perennial: Poems Selected & New Volume 2, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-2-0
  • 2012: The Apostasy of Daylight, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-5-1
  • 2013: Selected Poems 2000-2012, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-7-5
  • 2013: The Breakfast of Birds, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-8-2
  • 2013: The Penitent, or Cannon Foster's Dissonance Revolution, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-1-927734-01-8
  • 2014: The Better Kiss, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-1-927734-03-2
  • 2015: Holy Rollers, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-1-927734-05-6
  • 2015: Apocrypha: Poems Selected & New Volume 3, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-1-927734-06-3
  • 2015: Selected Poems 2000-2015, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-1-927734-08-7
  • Chapbooks

  • 1999: Deceived, Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780969623861
  • 2000: Fish Out of Water, Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780969623885
  • 2001: Captain Fascist (Chapbook version), Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780968888513
  • 2004: The After Solstice (Short Fiction), Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780968888544
  • 2005: Anno Domino (Haiku/Senyru), Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780968888568
  • 2006: Past Life Aggression & Other Poems, Harmonia Press, ISBN 9780973993202
  • 2007: In a Sea of Green Tea (Shan-zi), Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-3-3
  • 2009: Dr. Lerner's Study Notes, or The Treatise of Cameron King, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9739932-7-1
  • 2010: In the Breath of Woven Seasons (Haiku), Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-0-6
  • 2010: Metronome, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-1-3
  • 2011: Under the Evergreens, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-3-7
  • 2011: Ex gratia, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-4-4
  • 2012: Garden Sunrise, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-0-9865996-6-8
  • 2014: The Rest of Yesterday, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-1-927734-02-5
  • 2014: All Here Sail in a River of Light (written with Katherine L. Gordon), Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-1-927734-04-9
  • 2015: Christmas Poems, Harmonia Press, ISBN 978-1-927734-07-0
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