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Andrea Gallerani

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Venerated in  Roman Catholic Church
Beatified  13 May 1798
Feast  20 June
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Died  19 March 1251, Siena, Italy

Blessed Andrea Gallerani (??? - 19 March 1251) was an Italian Roman Catholic from Siena and the founder of the now-defunct Frati della Misericordia association. Gallerani was a distinguished soldier until he killed a blasphemer in a fit of rage and was exiled from his home where he decided to live a life of total penance for his sin.


Pope Pius VI approved the beatification in Florence on 13 May 1798 after his exile from Rome.


Andrea Gallerani was born in Siena to the nobleman Ghezzolino Gallerani and served as a distinguished soldier. He was exiled and discredited for killing a blasphemer in a fit of rage with his sword and in his exile experienced a radical shift in tone that compelled him to lead a penitential life for others. Gallerani soon returned to Siena - after receiving permission to do so - and in 1240 founded both a hospital and the religious association "Frati della Misericordia" - this association later died out in 1308 and was thus suppressed.

Gallerani died on 19 March 1251 in Siena and his remains were interred in the Basilica di San Domenico in Siena. The Republic of Siena approved his association three months after Gallerani's death on 23 June 1251. In 1274 the bishop granted indulgences to those that visited his tomb and Pope Pius V later reinforced this to a specific date in the week following Easter.


Pope Pius VI - in his exile in Florence - approved Gallerani's beatification on 13 May 1798.


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