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Andijan Dam

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Country  Uzbekistan
Status  Operational
Construction began  1969
Purpose  Irrigation, power
Type of dam  Buttress
Impound  Kara Darya
Andijan Dam
Location  Andijan, Andijan Region
Opening date  1974; 43 years ago (1974)
Owner  Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

Andijan dam top 7 facts

The Andijan Dam is a buttress dam on the Kara Darya River near Andijan in Andijan Region, Uzbekistan. Its reservoir covers 57.28 km2 (22.12 sq mi) and stretches into neighboring Osh Region, Kyrgyzstan. The dam serves several purposes to include irrigation in the Fergana Valley and hydroelectric power production. Water released from the dam can enter a canal on either side of the river downstream. The dam has two power stations located at its base, Andijan 1 and Andijan 2. The former contains four 35 MW turbine-generators and the latter contains two 25 MW Francis turbine-generators for a total installed capacity of 190 MW. Construction on the dam began in 1969 and the generators in Andijan 1 were commissioned between 1974 and 1984. Construction on Andijan 2 began in 2007 and it was commissioned on 2 September 2010. It cost US$28.5 million of which US$15.93 million was supplied by the Exim Bank of China.


The artificial lake created by this dam is the Andijan Reservoir (also: Kampyrravat Reservoir or Karadarya Reservoir). It is fed by the Kara Darya and its tributaries Kurshab and Jazy.

Andijan dam top 6 facts


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