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Andi Fritzsche

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Portrayed by  Dominic Saleh-Zaki
Siblings  Daniel Fritzsche
TV show  Verbotene Liebe
Parents  Jutta Fritzsche
Played by  Dominic Saleh-Zaki
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Duration  2001-2007, 2009-present
First appearance  Episode 1589 4 October 2001
Occupation  Former construction worker at 'Brandner Bau' Former student for art
Significant others  Helena von Lahnstein, Nico von Lahnstein
Similar  Helena von Lahnstein, Jessica Stiehl, Tristan von Lahnstein, Charlie Schneider, Nico von Lahnstein

Verbotene liebe rollenprofil andi fritzsche

Andreas "Andi" Fritzsche is a fictional character of the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The character was played by actor Dominic Saleh-Zaki from 4 October 2001 to 8 November 2007. In July 2009 it was announced that Saleh-Zaki would reprise his role. Before reappearing on-screen, the character was seen in a five-part web series; showing Andi's way back to town. He returned to the show on 9 November 2009.



Dominic Saleh-Zaki is introduced in October 2001 as Daniel's little brother Andi. He just skipped school and wants to start a life after his ideas. He finds a good friend in Oliver Sabel, played by Jo Weil and begins to work at Brander Bau, a construction company owned by Arno Brandner, played by Konrad Krauss. The viewers also find out that Andi has the dream to drive along the Panamericana with a motor bike. His boss Arno becomes a father figure for him and a good friend.


Andi is a charming and chaotic young man, who becomes well known for his complicated love affairs. He has always a cool saying and women see him as a macho. But Andi is also a very loyal friend and someone you can have fun with and you can count on. Only a woman can come anytime between that. He tries to take life easy and sometimes seems immature in his behavior, when it comes to the gravity of life. With time Andi grows a little bit and seems to get what is important in life, even is ready to start a family at one point.

Arrival and love triangle with Franziska and Lara

When Andi arrives in Düsseldorf, he skipped school and moves in with his brother Daniel (Markus Prinz) in a flat-share, while start working at Brandner Bau to make enough money to drive along the Panamericana with his motor bike. He begins to fall for the beautiful Lara Cornelius (Karoline Schuch), granddaughter of Arno's then-wife Elisabeth (Martina Servatius). But Lara isn't in to him and time and time again lets him run aground. Andi wants to make her jealous and starts a flirt with Lara's friend Franziska von Beyenbach (Lina Tiedtke). What starting off as a flirt, soon goes into dating. Andi thinks it's not a big thing, while Franziska is in love with him and wants to introduce him as her new boyfriend to her parents. When Franziska's family welcomes him with open arms, Andi is afraid to tell Franziska the truth or break thing off with her. When Lara moves with her mother Nina Ryan (Freya Trampert) to Greece, Franziska finds out that Andi never loved her and was only interested in Lara. Franziska is heartbroken and breaks up with him, while Andi realizes that he really has fallen in love with Franziska. After a long fight to get her back, Andi and Franziska reunite.

Andi and Jana

Arno's niece Jana (then played by Friederike Sipp) moves together with her siblings Robin (Nils Brunkhorst) and Nico (Verena Zimmermann) to town and Jana begins to have a crush on Andi. When Andi is drunk one night the two share a kiss, on that Andi later has no memory. While he can't even remember, Jana wants to tell Franziska about their mistake. Disappointed that Andi betrayed her again, Franziska breaks up with him and decides to leave town, when she gets the chance to become a model in New York City. After Franziska left him, Jana takes her chance and comforts Andi. He realizes that he starts to have feelings for her and the two start dating. Only Jana's sister Nico is jealous that Andi takes so much of her time and can't warm up to the idea that Andi is her boyfriend. Then the scheming Vanessa von Beyenbach (Inez Bjørg David) tries to break them up, wanting Andi for herself. Vanessa tries to seduce him several times, before she sees that she can't break them up and leaves them alone. Andi and Jana reconcile after the stress that Vanessa cost them and are a happy couple once again.

Andi's exit

In fall 2007, Olivia Schneider (Kristina Dörfer) pretends to be pregnant with Andi's child. While having true feelings for him, she can't tell him the truth. Not only is she lying to him, but also using Ansgar von Lahnstein (Wolfram Grandezka) with her faked pregnancy to get money out of the wealthy aristocrat. After having doubts at first, Andi is excited to become a dad and even suggesting starting a real relationship with Olivia. Even though, he knows that Olivia also pretends that Ansgar is the father of her unborn child, she tells him that it's his and she only wants to get money from Ansgar; overstaying to Andi that she isn't caring a child at all. When Andi finds out the truth he is heartbroken and decides to leave town. He finally wants to make his tour along the panamericana and leaves his friends and Olivia behind him.

Andi's return and Helena

When he returns two years later, he is shocked to learn about all the changes since he left, especially about Christian and Oliver being a couple. When Olli introduces Andi to Helena and Rebecca von Lahnstein, Helena is immediately smitten with him. Their relationship survived ploys by Helena's brother Tristan to split them apart and a false accusation of rape by Jessica Stiehl, but they eventually fell apart after Andi has a drunk one-night stand with Jessica.

In late 2012, Andi develops a crush on Oliver's newfound sister Bella Jacob.


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