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Released  November 1, 2004
Artist  Wizo
Label  Hulk Räckorz
Length  41:36
Release date  1 November 2004
Genre  Punk rock
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Wizo anderster full album

Anderster, or andɐrstɐr as it says on the album cover, is a studio album by the German punk rock band Wizo, released 1 November 2004. When announcing the album, the band offered the English translation of "differenter". The band explains on the back cover of the album that the album was supposed to be different but instead turned out even "differenter".


The word anderster is an artificial construction based on the German word anders, which means "different". The word anderster does not officially exist within the German language and could be considered a neologism or a grammatically incorrect construction. Because anders is an adverb, it is not considered proper to use in a comparative describing a noun. The proper adjective form of anders is andersartig, which changes to andersartiger with the proper comparative inflection, meaning "more different".

Track listing

  1. Kopf ab, Schwanz ab, Has! (head off, tail off, hare!) 1:13
  2. Nana 2:26
  3. Jimmy 4:18
  4. Unsichtbare Frau (invisible woman) 2:40
  5. Kleines Missgestück (little mishap/bitch (combination of both words)) 2:46
  6. Der lustige Tagedieb (the jolly dawdler) 3:20
  7. Heut Nacht (tonight) 2:23
  8. Egon 2:39
  9. Phlughaphöm (airport (wrong spelling)) 2:27
  10. Chezus (Jesus (wrong spelling)) 3:45
  11. Schlau, Versaut und Gutaussehend (smart, dirty and attractive) 3:31
  12. Raumgleita (orbital glider (wrong spelling)) 3:24
  13. Miss Pickafight 2:39
  14. Z.G.V. 4:05


1Kopf ab - Schwanz ab - Has!1:14


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