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Name  Anders Blok
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Born  28 May 1978 (age 37) (1978-05-28) Denmark
Occupation  Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Notable work  Bruno Latour: Hybrid Thoughts in a Hybrid World (2011), Divided Socio-Natures : Essays on the co-construction of science, society, and the global environment (2010)
Books  Bruno Latour: Hybrid Thoughts in a Hybrid World

Anders Blok (born May 28, 1978) is a Danish sociologist who is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen. Despite his young age he is acclaimed in the fields of Science Studies (STS) and environmental sociology.


Professional life

Blok was born in Denmark, in 1978. He holds a Ph.d. in Sociology,. He is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology at Copenhagen University. Combining an interest in STS with a background in socio-political theory and environmental sociology, his research focuses on the knowledge politics of science in global processes of environmental governance. He has received The Elite Researchers Grant awarded to exceptional young researchers by the Danish Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, and is a fellow of the Harvard University – Kennedy School of Government. He is the co-author of the book Bruno Latour: Hybrid Thoughts in a Hybrid World, which is one of the best introductory books on the thoughts of Bruno Latour. Blok is also the director of the research center CEVES, Center of Science, Expertise and Society, at the University of Copenhagen.

He has done extensive research on Japanese whaling and the international controversies surrounding it, and on the cosmo-politics of climate change. He is currently researching under the headline: sociological perspectives on global climate change, risk-communities and trans-local solidarity. Blok is part of the ERC (European Research Council) funded research project Methodological Cosmopolitanism – in the Laboratory of Climate Change (the Cosmo-Climate Research Project), where he leads the work package Greening Cosmopolitan Urbanism. The overall project is headed by internationally acclaimed sociologist Ulrich Beck. In this research, as with Bloks previous work, he is in part invoking the concepts of risk society and cosmopolitization, which is are terms coined by Ulrich Beck.

Publications and books

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