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Andecha Astur

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Spokesperson  Daniel Cueli
Headquarters  Oviedo
Founded  1990
Youth wing  Darréu
Andecha Astur
Ideology  Asturian nationalism Socialism Ecologism
Union affiliation  Corriente Sindical d'Izquierda

Andecha Astur (AA) is an Asturian nationalist leftist political party of Spain.



The party was founded in 1990. From 2003-2007 they had two councilmen, one in Riosa and the other in Carreño which they lost in 2007 elections. Current days Andecha Astur is working with some other nationalist parties of Spain.


Andecha Astur stands for:

  • The recognition of Asturias as a nation.
  • The right to self-determination.
  • The recognition of the Asturian language as a national language of Asturias.
  • The rights of the working class.
  • Socialism.
  • Emphasis on Ecology
  • Youth

    The youth wing of Andecha Astur is since 2004 Darréu-mocedá nacionaliego (nationalistic youth).


    Andecha Astur Wikipedia

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