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Andean marsupial tree frog

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Anura
Genus  Gastrotheca
Higher classification  Gastrotheca
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Hemiphractidae
Scientific name  Gastrotheca riobambae
Rank  Species
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Similar  Gastrotheca, Frog, Amphibians, Horned marsupial, Hemiphractidae

The Andean marsupial tree frog, Riobamba marsupial frog or Riobamba pouched frog (Gastrotheca riobambae; in Spanish: rana marsupial andina) is a species of frog in the Hemiphractidae family. It is endemic to Ecuador. The species is confined to the Andes and the inter-Andean valleys, from Imbabura south to Chimborazo. They live in an altitude of 2,200-3,500 meters above sea-level. The Andean marsupial tree frog's habitat varies from the montane forests to the dry rocky hillsides, and from the agave plants to the corn fields. Once a common species, it is threatened by severe habitat loss.

Snout–vent length of Gastrotheca riobambae is about 48 mm (1.9 in). It has a broad, depressed body. Skin is smooth above but granulated below.

Within this genus, the males transfer the eggs from the female's cloaca to their dorsal pouch till they reach development at the tadpole stage. It takes approximately five to six weeks that the eggs stay in the female's pouch. Once they reach the stage as tadpoles, they continue their development in water, and go through metamorphosis in a few weeks time.

Gastrotheca riobambae are sometimes kept as pets.


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