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Andalusian donkey

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Use  transport siring mules
Scientific name  Equus africanus asinus
Rank  Breed
MAPA (Spain)  Breed standard
Higher classification  Donkey
Country of origin  Spain
Andalusian donkey The Andalusian donkey Spanish Asno Andaluz is a breed of domestic
Other names  Asno Andaluz Asno Cordobés Asno de Lucena
Height  Male: 160 cm Female: 150 cm
Similar  Zamorano‑Leonés, Catalan donkey, Provence Donkey, Bourbonnais Donkey, Cotentin Donkey

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The Andalusian, Spanish: Asno Andaluz, is a breed of domestic donkey native to the province of Córdoba in Andalusia, Spain. It is also known as the Asno Cordobés ("Cordovan donkey") after the city of Córdoba or the Asno de Lucena ("Lucena donkey") because of its alleged origin in the town of Lucena, Córdoba. It is considered the oldest of the European breeds, at some 3,000 years, and today is rare.


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The Andalusian is a large donkey, averaging 150–160 centimetres (59–63 in) at the withers and of medium length. The head is of medium size, with a convex profile; the neck is muscular. The coat is short and fine, and soft to the touch; it is pale grey, sometimes almost white. The Andalusian donkey is strong and sturdy, yet docile and calm. It is well adapted to the hot and arid conditions of its native environment.:418


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The current state of the Andalusian breed is critical. At the end of 2013 the total population was reported at 749, of which almost all were in Andalucia. Conservation plans include sparing use as work animal in the field and the forest (work which can also be done by horses), and use in rural tourism initiatives that have been followed in some places like Mijas (Málaga).


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