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Anda Rottenberg

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Name  Anda Rottenberg
Education  University of Warsaw
Role  Art Historian
Movies  The Performer
Anda Rottenberg Anda Rottenberg Zaczynamy mwi o czystoci architektury

Anda Rottenberg's presentation about art and the Second World War

Anda Rottenberg (born on 23 April 1944) is a Polish art historian, art critic, writer, former director of the Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw and member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), International "Manifesta" Foundation and the International "Germinations" Foundation.


Anda Rottenberg Zdjcie nr 4 w galerii Anda Rottenberg Kuratorka nad

Discussion Panel: Art and Society in Poland


Anda Rottenberg Anda Rottenberg laureatk Nagrody Gieysztora Wydarzenie

Anda Rottenberg was born in 1944. Her mother was Russian from Petersburg and her father was a Polish Jew from the town of Nowy Sacz. All of his family died during the Holocaust.

Anda Rottenberg Czytatnik Agi Prosz bardzo Anda Rottenberg

Rottenberg grew up in Legnica. In 1963, she moved to Warsaw, where she began studying history of art at the University of Warsaw.

Anda Rottenberg Anda Rottenberg Zaczynamy mwi o czystoci

She wrote two books - Sztuka w Polsce 1945-2005 (en. "Art in Poland 1945-2005") and an autobiography Prosze bardzo! (en. "You're welcome!"). The main reason for writing the latter book was her anger at the police who were unable to find the body of her son (he was a drug addict and died in unknown circumstances). In her autobiography, Rottenberg also wrote about her mother, who survived the siege of Stalingrad during World War II and was sentenced to prison for stealing a few spoons of food: she met there her future husband, Rottenberg's father.

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Anda Rottenberg received the Officer's Cross Order of Polonia Restituta (2001) and the Commander's Cross Order of Polonia Restituta (2011).


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