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And Their Refinement of the Decline

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Released  April 2, 2007
Artist  Stars of the Lid
Label  Kranky
Length  120:32
Release date  7 April 2007
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Recorded  Brussels, Belgium and Los Angeles, California
Genres  Ambient music, Drone music, Classical music, Minimal music
Producers  Adam Wiltzie, Brian McBride
Similar  The Tired Sounds of Stars of th, The Ballasted Orchestra, Gravitational Pull vs the Desire for, Music for Nitrous Oxide, Avec Laudenum

Stars of the lid and their refinement of the decline full album

And Their Refinement of the Decline is the seventh studio album by Stars of the Lid, which was released by Kranky in April 2007. The album was Kranky's 100th release, and was issued as a double CD and as a triple vinyl LP set (featuring alternate artwork). And Their Refinement of the Decline features minimal, droning compositions of varied length created from treated guitar, horn, piano, and other classical instruments.


The track "Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage" refers to Craven Cottage in London, the home stadium of English football club, Fulham F.C.. At the time of the album's release, their captain was ex-United States soccer international Brian McBride, who shares the same name as Brian McBride from Stars of the Lid. The track "Don't Bother They're Here" uses the melody of Stephen Sondheim's 1973 song "Send in the Clowns".

Stars of the lid and their refinement of the decline

Disc one

  1. "Dungtitled (In A Major)" – 5:54
  2. "Articulate Silences Part 1" – 5:24
  3. "Articulate Silences Part 2" – 5:37
  4. "The Evil That Never Arrived" – 5:05
  5. "Apreludes (In C Sharp Major)" – 3:44
  6. "Don't Bother They're Here" – 10:10
  7. "Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage" – 5:55
  8. "Even If You're Never Awake (Deuxième)" – 9:20
  9. "Even (Out) +" – 4:51
  10. "A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(less) Process" – 4:32

Disc two

  1. "Another Ballad for Heavy Lids" – 4:32
  2. "The Daughters of Quiet Minds" – 13:21
  3. "Hiberner Toujours" – 1:49
  4. "That Finger on Your Temple Is the Barrel of My Raygun" – 5:04
  5. "Humectez La Mouture" – 5:31
  6. "Tippy's Demise" – 8:18
  7. "The Mouthchew" – 3:40
  8. "December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface" – 17:45


  • Composed and recorded in Brussels, Belgium and Los Angeles, California by Adam Wiltzie and Brian McBride.
  • Additional instrumentation

  • Sarah Nelson – violoncelle
  • Alexander Waterman – violoncelle
  • Jeff Rizzy – violoncelle
  • Borris Gronemberg – trumpet
  • Cedric Manche – flugelhorn
  • Toine Thys – clarinet
  • Daniel Noesig – trumpet
  • Jesse Sparhawk – harp
  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste au Béguinage Children's Choir – choir
  • Contributors

  • Luke Savisky
  • Craig McCaffrey
  • Pieter DeWagter
  • Mr. Kranky
  • Songs

    1Dungtitled (in A major)5:54
    2Articulate Silences - Part 15:24
    3Articulate Silences - Part 25:37


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