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Kingdom  Animalia
Infraorder  Caridea
Subfamily  Pontoniinae
Higher classification  Pontoniinae
Order  Decapoda
Subphylum  Crustacea
Family  Palaemonidae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Genus
Ancylomenes 68mediatumblrcom1704ad28bd22d5978e0d11410f8525
Similar  Pederson cleaner shrimp, Ancylomenes magnificus, Ancylomenes holthuisi, Crustacean, Periclimenes

Ancylomenes pedersoni pederson shrimp curacao

Ancylomenes is a genus of shrimp, erected in 2010 to accommodate the group of species around "Periclimenes aesopius" (now Ancylomenes aesopius). Members of the genus are widely distributed in the warm oceans of the world, and live in association with cnidarians; most are cleaner shrimp.


Ancylomenes Ancylomenes Wikipedia

The genus Ancylomenes contains the following species:

My graceful anemone shrimp ancylomenes venustus

Ancylomenes Ancylomenes Wikiwand


Ancylomenes Wikipedia

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