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Ancora da Capo

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Released  1982
Producer  Leo Feigin
Ancora da Capo (1980)  Con Amore (1982)
Release date  1982
Songs  Part 1, Part 2
Length  77:36 CD reissue
Con Anima (1978)  Ancora da Capo (1980)
Artist  Ganelin Trio
Label  Leo Records
Genre  Jazz
Ancora da Capo httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb6
Recorded  November 15, 1980 in Leningrad
Similar  Free Fall, The Complete RCA Vict, Hot Fives & Sevens, Art Blakey's Jazz Messeng, Point of Departure

Ganelin trio ancora da capo czech republic czechoslovakia 1986 full album

Ancora da Capo is a live album by the Ganelin Trio led by pianist Vyacheslav Ganelin with Vladamir Tarasov and Vladimir Chekasin which was recorded in Leningrad in 1980 and first released on the Leo label in 1982. The original LP release was followed by a second volume and the 1997 CD release combined the first volume with a live recording from October 29, 1980 in West Berlin.



The Penguin Guide to Jazz identified the album as part of their suggested "Core Collection" of essential jazz albums and awarded the compilation a "Crown" signifying a recording that the authors "feel a special admiration or affection for".

The Allmusic review by William York stated "Ancora Da Capo has a rare balance of form and freedom, wildness and restraint that makes it continually surprising (at times even jarringly so) as well as remarkably durable in terms of repeated listening".

JazzTimes' Duck Baker noted "the music stands up well. These men are playing for their lives, and have no time to worry about whether this or that transition might be difficult. As a result potential pitfalls vanish into thin air as they achieve a kind of mobility rare outside of Sun Ra and a freedom that must have been sweet indeed".

Perfect Sound Forever's Steve Kulak said "Those lucky enough to be there would no doubt have witnessed first hand what was meant by "an insanely accelerated history of jazz." The music can be approached as one extended composition, or as a series of scenes, although it may seem odd to speak of scenes in a work where hearing and sound prevail. Yet hearing, together with vision, is the second sense that brings us knowledge from afar. And those who were there to see and hear the Trio were... astonished".

Track listing

All compositions by Vyacheslav Ganelin

  1. "Ancora da Capo Part 1" - 37:57
  2. "Ancora da Capo Part 2" - 39:38


  • Vyacheslav Ganelin - piano, bassett, percussion, electric guitar
  • Vladimir Tarasov - drums, percussion, bells, talking drum
  • Vladimir Chekasin - alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, wooden flute, clarinet, bassett-horn, violin, percussion, voice
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