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Ancient Monuments Society

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Ancient Monuments Society

The Ancient Monuments Society (AMS) is a learned society and registered charity in England and Wales, founded in 1924 "for the study and conservation of ancient monuments, historic buildings and fine old craftsmanship".


National Amenity Societies

The Ancient Monuments Society is recognised as one of the National Amenity Societies, and as such is informed of any application for listed building consent in England and Wales involving any element of demolition. As such it plays an important part in shaping the historic environment in England and Wales.

Partnership with Friends of Friendless Churches

The Ancient Monuments Society works in partnership with the Friends of Friendless Churches, sharing an office and staff and operating a joint membership scheme. The co-operation came about because Friends of Friendless Churches was set up by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas, who was also Secretary and later Chairman of the Ancient Monuments Society.


The AMS publishes three newsletters and a volume of Transactions (scholarly articles on a range of architectural historic topics) annually for its 2,100 members.


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