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Ancient Chinese Whorehouse

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Qīnglóu Shí'èr'fáng

Written by
Man Fai Ng


Directed by
Kai Ming Lai

Produced by
Luo ShiquanCheng Chaoliang
Ching lau sap yee fong (1994) - IMDb

Ancient Chinese Whorehouse is a 1994 Hong Kong sex comedy film directed by Kai Ming Lai and written by Man Fai Ng, starring Yvonne Yung, Kent Cheng, Kingdom Yuen, Elvis Tsui, Cheng Xueyan, and Liu Dizhi. The film premiered in Hong Kong on 15 September 1994.



A poor girl named A Qing was sold into the brothel Changle Fang (simplified Chinese: 尝乐坊; traditional Chinese: 嘗樂坊) during Tang Dynasty. Brother Gang is an inventor, he is good at invent sex toy and he fells in love with Wu Gu'niang secretly. While A Qing sleep with the visitor, she drank ecstasy and has sex with A Yi. Later, they fell in love. Finally, A Qing married A Yi and left the brothel Changle Fang.


  • Yvonne Yung as Wu Gu'niang, the brothel Changle Fang owner .
  • Kent Cheng as Brother Gang, the inventor in the brothel.
  • Kingdom Yuen as Sister Zhu, a prostitute in the brothel.
  • Elvis Tsui as the Royal Highness, a man with a warm temperament who was killed by Wu Gu'niang.
  • Cheng Xueyan as A Qing, a poor girl who was sold into the brothel.
  • Liu Dizhi as A Yi, Brother Gang's student, he fells in love with A Qing.
  • Release

    The film was released in Hong Kong on 15 September 1994 and grossed a total of $2,481,978.00 in Hong Kong.

    The film received critical acclaim.


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