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Country  India
District  Kottayam
Vehicle registration  KL-
State  Kerala
Time zone  IST (UTC+5:30)

Anchery is a village that is a part of Puthuppally Panchayat in the Kottayam district of Kerala, South India.


Map of Anchery, Kerala


Anchery is situated 10 kilometres away from Kottayam Railway Station, on the Kottayam-Kozhencherry state highway (SH4) of Kerala State


As per the government records, this region is known as Pariyaram. The name Anchery is known to this region believed that Anchery Puthiyakavu Devi Temple might have coined the name Anchery. The Anchery name is originated from the Malayalam word Anchu (five), and Cheri(Division or area of land).


The majority of the people who live here are Hindus and Christians.


The members of the Anchery Kudumbam family are the descendants of Anchery Punnoose Mappila, who was the servant of the king of Thekkumcore, in the 16th century. He migrated and settled in Anchery from Bharananganam near Palai, Kerala. The family members are now scattered all around the world. On May 1 of each year, there is a gathering of family members (Anchery Kudumbayogam).

Places of worship

There is very famous Hindu temple known as Anchery Puthiya Kavu Devi Temple. This temple holds a festival known as Meenabharanni Maholsavam (Kumbakudam).

St. Peter’s Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church was the first historical church in Anchery built by five forefathers, who all had a common name called "Itty". The church was also known as "Anchue Itty Palli" and is now known as the St. Peter's Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The church parish day is the lands festival (perunall) where everyone comes without any grade.

Other churches in Anchery are the Anchery Christos Marthoma church, the St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic church, the St. John’s CSI Church and the Carmel India Pentecostal Church.

Other Landmarks

Anchery has a State Bank of Travancore (Pariyaram) Branch located in Narimattom Kavala. The Pariyaram Government upper primary School is the only educational institution in Anchery. The school had well educated people who live in India and abroad.

Anchery also has a post office named Pariyaram, and an ayurvedic clinic located in Kathayil Paalam. There is also a government veterinary hospital which has had many years of successful service towards domestic animals.

Anchery's public library is located in Narimattam Kavala. It has a history around 60 years. YMCA Pariyaram branch is also situated at Narimattam Kavala.


Rubber, tapioca (yucca), banana, plantain, coconut, black pepper and many other tropical agricultural products are major sources of revenue in Anchery.


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