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Anatoly Belyaev

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Name  Anatoly Belyaev

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Anatoly Ivanovich Belyaev (1906–1967) founded the school of metallurgy of light non-ferrous metals and semi-conducting materials. He was Professor of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. He was head of the department of metallurgy of light metals in the Moscow Institute of Non-ferrous Metals and Gold from 1943 to 1963. From 1962 to 1967 he was organizer and head of the chair for producing pure metals and semi-conducting materials in MISIS.


Basic studies

  • Physico-chemical properties of fused electrolytes, in particular, chloride melts and their role in melting aluminum alloys
  • Electrolytic aluminum and magnesium production,
  • Theory of anode effect occurrence;
  • Processes of electrolysis production of primary aluminum using lithium additives in the form of lithium fluoride
  • Problems in the high-purity aluminum production,
  • Elaboration of the method to remove impurities from aluminum by means of transport reactions through subhalogenides,
  • Aluminum electric refining in the high-purity metal production, surface phenomena in fused salts,
  • Production processes of particularly pure metals and semi-conducting materials,
  • Metallurgy of aluminum, magnesium, beryllium, lithium, zirconium, etc.
  • Designed fluxing material compositions are applied in production.
  • Publications

  • «Non-ferrous metals», 1957, No. 9. Chu Ianiang, Belayev А. I.
  • «Proceedings of metallurgists. Non-ferrous metallurgy», 1959, No. 2.
  • «Metallurgy of light metals. General course» (Higher school manual). Metallurgizdat, 1940, 1944, 1949, 1954, 1962 (6 publications)
  • «Surface phenomena in metallurgical processes». Metallurgizdat, 1952.
  • «Physico-chemical principles in purification of metals and semi-conducting materials». Publishing House of MISiS, 1965.
  • «Physical chemistry of fused salts». Metallurgizdat, 1957.
  • «Electrolytic aluminum production». Metallurgizdat, 1941.
  • "Electrometallurgy of aluminum». Metallurgizdat, 1953.
  • «Monovalent aluminum in metallurgical processes»
  • «Pure aluminum production»
  • «Metallurgy of pure metals and semi-conductors», together with L.А. Firsanova and Е.А. Zhemchuzhina.
  • References

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