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Anatis ocellata

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Coleoptera
Genus  Anatis
Higher classification  Anatis
Phylum  Arthropoda
Family  Coccinellidae
Scientific name  Anatis ocellata
Rank  Species
Anatis ocellata Eyed Ladybird Anatis ocellata NatureSpot
Similar  Anatis, Ladybird, Beetle, Insect, Cream‑spot ladybird

Eyed ladybird anatis ocellata

Anatis ocellata, commonly known as the eyed ladybug, is a species of ladybug in the Coccinellidae family. It has black spots on a red background, with each spot surrounded by a yellowish halo. In one color variation, a specimen found in Scotland was reported having the spots fused to form longitudinal lines.


Anatis ocellata Image Anatis ocellata Eyed Ladybird BioLibcz

The species feeds on aphids such as Eucallipterus tiliae, Tuberculatus annulatus, Euceraphis betulae, Cavariella konoi, Acyrthosiphon ignotum, A. pisum, and Macrosiphoniella artemisiae. They prefer pine aphids (family Adelgidae), and are attracted to the scent of pine. The defensive alkaloid compound 2-dehydrococcinelline has been isolated and identified from this species.

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Anatis ocellata Anatis ocellata
Anatis ocellata Anatis ocellata
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