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Anastasiya Markovich

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Nationality  Ukrainian
Education  Chernivtsi Art School

Known for  Painting
Name  Anastasiya Markovich
Anastasiya Markovich FileAnastasiya Markovich Through the Centuriesjpg Wikimedia Commons

Full Name  Anastasiya Markovich
Born  23 October 1979 (1979-10-23) Brichany, Moldavia

Anastasiya Markovich (Born October 23, 1979, Brichany, Moldavia) is a Ukrainian painter. Anastasiya Markovich lives and works in Chernivtsi in the south-west of Ukraine where she grew up after her birth.


Anastasiya Markovich FileAnastasiya Markovich Illusion of Realityjpg Wikimedia Commons

Anastasiya Markovich is known for several exhibitions in- and outside of the Ukraine and publications in several (art) magazines and the art book “Світ Левкасу” (“The World of Levkas”).

Personal life

Anastasiya Markovich is the older of two children of Viktor Markovich and Irena Markovich (née Moskvina). She has a brother Yuri Markovich.

The entire family is active in the profession of visual arts. Her father Viktor Markovich is a painter, her mother Irena Markovich is making designs and her brother Yuri Markovich is also a painter.

In 1985, Markovich entered the lyceum in Chernivtsi from where she graduated in 1996. From 1990 on, she also studied at the Chernivtsi Art School, from where she graduated in 1994. Markovich took part in a number of children and youth exhibitions and won some competitions. In 1996 Anastasiya Markovich entered the Chernivtsi Academy of Law and Economics, specializing on criminal law, civil law and trade law.

To further her artistic prowess, she went for further additional studies to studios of other painters, like Dariusz Milinski and Tomasz Sętowski in Poland and was making study tours to Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Cultural influence of her home town Chernivtsi

Markovich has always expressed the cultural influence of her home town Chernivtsi, which is famous for artists who lived and worked in this town and created works of literature, poetry, architecture and visual arts. Also many musicians, dance groups and actors started their artistical live in Chernivtsi. In these surroundings of famous artists and cultural history, Markovich created her paintings and developed her ideas and style.

Literature and accolades

  • Article in Newsweek (polish edition), 3/2004 18-01-04, by Magdalena Łukaszewicz
  • Article in the Ukraine Magesin: Версії, nr 45 11-11/18-11 2005 Title: "Багата Настя на таланти та щедрість", "A lot of talent by Nastia (Anastasiya Markovich)", by G. Sheredarik.
  • The book: “Світ Левкасу” or “The World of Levkas”. Printed in 2007, and edited by Mykola Storozhenko. Publication: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine and Academy of Arts of Ukraine. (ISBN 978-966-2147-09-4, ISBN 978-966-21-4712-4 and ISBN 978-966-21-4734-6)
  • 2008, Certificate from Mr. Chebykin A. V. President of Ukrainian Academy of Arts of Ukraine.
  • Article in the Ukraine Magesin: Версії, nr 51(258) 19-12/26-12 2008 Title: "Талановиті Марковичі", "Talent by the Markovichs", by Ludmila Cheredarik.
  • Expositions

    Over the short time of her creative live Anastasiya Markovich has participated in many national and international exhibitions.

    2004, Exposition in park “Petriwski Jarmarok”, Chernivtsi.

    2004, Exposition in Odessa with Art on Wood (Levkas) private gallery “Da, Da, Da”.

    2004, Exposition in Chernivtsi “Salon of Art”.

    2005, Exposition with Levkas in Lviv “The National Museum and Gallery of Lviv”.

    2005, Exposition in Chernivtsi with Art on Wood (Levkas) “House of Art”.

    2006, Exposition in Chernivtsi “Salon of Art”.

    2007, Exposition in Kiev from Ministry of Culture in Gallery “33”.

    2008, Exposition in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, with Art on Wood (Levkas). The exposition was in the consulate of the Ukraine.

    2008, Introduction from the art book “Світ Левкасу” or “The World of Levkas” in Chernivtsi.

    2008, Exposition in Hudozestvenny Salon, Chernivtsi.


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