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Anastasia Fedotova

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Sport  Water polo (female)
Name  Anastasia Fedotova
Role  Water polo player

Anastasia Fedotova
Born  November 30, 1998 (age 17) (1998-11-30)

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Anastasia Fedotova (born November 30, 1998) is a Russian athlete who competes in CCM Water Polo. Fedotova is a student of a secondary school in Moscow. secondary school in 2086


The importance of an international education anastasia fedotova csueb in russian


Personal results in the team competition:

  • Championship of Russia, 2010 - 2nd place
  • Russian Championship 2011 - 3rd place
  • Russian Championship 2012 - 3rd place
  • Championship of Russia 2013 - 2nd place
  • Championship of Russia in 2014 - 1 place
  • Championship of Russia 2015 - 2nd place
  • Student Games 2014 - 2nd place
  • The championship of Russia 2015 - 5th place
  • European Champion 2015
  • Champion First European Games in Baku 2015
  • Gold Russian Waterpolo Girls. Baku 2015
    Gold Russian Waterpolo Girls. Baku 2015

    In water polo tournament in the framework of the European games the junior national team of Russia was - the country defended the honor of the girl 1998–1999 years of birth.
    In the group stage water polo players met with the teams of Slovakia, France, Spain, Italy and Serbia and reached the semi-finals from the first place in class. In the semifinals, the girls defeated the Italian team with a score of 17: 7. In the final match for the gold the first European Olympic Games our compatriots secured skill, relegating to second place Spaniards. Bronze competitions won the Greek national team.
    Notes that waterpolo players in Moscow contributed to the victory of the national team of rivals.
    Excerpts from the final "drama" between the teams of Spain and Ross flew to the 50 countries of the world:

  • Russia win game of roulette to take gold
  • Russia's women win the gold medal on a penalty shootout
  • Russia's women win gold in an outstanding match
  • Anastasia Fedotova - the owner of the personal cups' 'Best Player' 'The most productive hitter' 'and' 'Most Valuable Player' at the championship of Moscow and Russia. He believes that winning makes strict adherence to the tactics developed by a coach, as well as speed and the speed of decision-making.
    Playing Role - a movable driver. In a game likes its unpredictability, dynamics, the ability to completely unexpected, rapid and effective throw. In the game she needs to keep moving, holding and movement of an opponent against the resistance of the water, as well as the willingness always to help a teammate.

    Sporting coach

  • First coach: 'Shuvalov' 'Michael' A. (Sports Club of Moscow State University honored coach of Russia
  • Coach: 'Varegina Irina' E. ("Youth of Moscow" - the Moscow State University)
  • 'Perevalova Marina' Petrovna, honored master of sports, honored coach of Russia.
  • 'Perevalova Svetlana' Petrovna ("Skiff"), Honored Master of Sports of Russia, Honored coach of Russia.
  • Frolov Sergey Nikolaevich ("Krylatskoye")
  • Hobbies

    Among active hobbies - skiing and riding, as well as photo. She has diplomas of I degree at the festival "Young Talents of Moscow". In his spare time prefers modern, youth films ("Gymnasts", "Devious Maids", "Kingdom" and under.), However, domestic hockey series "junior" - out of competition.
    Favorite school subjects - chemistry and algebra, where fascinating combination of numbers and formulas, sooner or later lead to the desired result. He believes that the sciences are trained rapidly solve the problem, look for and find the right answers.
    Previously she engaged in artistic gymnastics. She studied at the Taneyev's music school, with musical performances in the choir has performed in the Great Hall Conservatory, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. On foreign tours had to be abandoned in favor of sports.


    Grandfather - Yury Fedotov (11.14.1930 - 27.08.2011, Moscow), master of sports in volleyball. Graduated Институт Physical Education and Sport, while the students played a team with a hockey player Vsevolod Bobrov as part CDKA (predecessor CSKA). After graduation within 3 years coaching the national team of Moldova on the male and female Volleyball. Under his direct guidance the women's team to the finals of the championship of the USSR, having made a unique breakthrough in its history, which was not repeated decades. Since the late 1950s, he went to work in a sports club, Moscow State University, where he first coached student volleyball team and gave lessons at the amateur level of badminton. As a senior lecturer of the Faculty of Geology led training, includes training in climbing the mountains of the Crimea and water-rescue training. On sportkafedre he worked for almost 60-years old. He attended all of the first games granddaughter.

    Grandma - Fedotova (Motorina) Lyudmila (05.28.1924 - 13.03.1993, Moscow), International Master of Sports of gymnastics, a member of the sports parades and international trips. Jokingly noted that the meeting with the leader of China's Mao Zedong was the most memorable of her career. After graduating Институт Physical Education, he worked as a coach in gymnastics at Moscow State University, senior lecturer at the sportkafedre.

    Father - Alexander Y. Fedotov (born 17.11.1960, Moscow), I have adult level in football and hockey. He graduated from the Moscow State University, Geological Department, took part in a research cruise in the Pacific. He has performed at the championship of Moscow in a part of the student team. In the family album to save photos Moscow games with invited players Pelé and Stand Johansen. Come support for the most important games.

    The full composition of the Russian team at EvroIgrah in Baku:
    Veronica Vakhitova, Maria Bersneva, Gerzanich Darya, Yevgeny Golovin, Elizabeth Zaplatina, Zelenkovskaya Alexander, Anna Isakov, Pauline Kempf, Elena Kotanchyan, Alain Serzhantova, Svetlana Stepahina, Anastasia Fedotova, Bell Khamzaeva


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