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Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna

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Director  Marvin J. Chomsky
Network  NBC
Country  United States Austria Italy
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Mystery
Language  English
Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna movie poster
Release date  December 7–8, 1986
Writer  James Goldman, Peter Kurth (book)
Episodes  1 Episode 1Season 1 - Dec 7 - 1986, 1 Episode 1, 1 Episode 1Season 1 - Dec 7 - 1986, 1 Episode 1
Cast  Amy Irving (Anna Anderson), Olivia de Havilland (Dowager Empress Maria), Omar Sharif (Czar Nicholas II), Rex Harrison (Grand Duke Cyril Romanov), Christian Bale (Alexei)
Similar movies  Anastasia (1956)

Years after the fall of czarist Russia, Anna Anderson claims to be the daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra.


Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna movie scenes

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (Also titled Anastasia: The Story of Anna) is a 1986 television film, starring Amy Irving, Rex Harrison (in his last film), Olivia de Havilland, Omar Sharif, Christian Bale (in his first film) and Jan Niklas. The film was loosely based on the story of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia and the book The Riddle of Anna Anderson by Peter Kurth. It was originally broadcast in two parts.

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna movie scenes 1986 Anastasia The Mystery of Anna Alexei Full Summaries spoilers alert Cast Trailers

Story of Anna Anderson, who claimed to be Anastasia Romanov, the only surviving daughter of the Czar and Czarina of Russia.


The film starts in December, 1916, just before the Russian Revolution, then moves to 1917s February Revolution, the familys forced move to Siberia in summer, 1917 after Nicholas IIs forced abdication in March, the late-1917 Bolshevik takeover and start of the Russian Civil War and the July, 1918 mass shooting of the family. Afterwards, it revolves around Anna Anderson, who believes that she is Anastasia Romanov, daughter of Nicholas II of Russia. Anna first tells her story in the 1920s when she is an inmate in a Berlin asylum after her suicide attempt. Her story of escape from the Bolsheviks who killed the rest of her family in 1918 seems so vivid that many Russian expatriates are willing to believe her. She slowly gains more trust, but the Romanov family is very resistant to believe her tale and publicly denounces her as an impostor. The movie culminates in 1938 with Anna deciding to sue the Romanovs in Germanys courts to force them to recognize her as Anastasia, but it never reveals if Anna really is Anastasia. The ending epilogue narration says that she eventually moved back to the U.S. and settled in Charlottesville, Virginia where she died in 1984.


  • Amy Irving as Anastasia "Anna" Anderson
  • Olivia de Havilland as Dowager Empress Maria
  • Rex Harrison as Grand Duke Cyril Romanov
  • Jan Niklas as Prince Erich
  • Nicolas Surovy as Serge Markov
  • Susan Lucci as Darya Romanoff
  • Elke Sommer as Isabel Von Hohenstauffen
  • Edward Fox as Dr. Hauser
  • Claire Bloom as Czarina Alexandra
  • Omar Sharif as Czar Nicholas II
  • Jennifer Dundas as Grand Duchess Anastasia
  • Christian Bale as Tsarevich Alexei
  • Andrea Bretterbauer as Sonya Markov
  • Sydney Bromley as Herbert
  • Arnold Diamond as Dr. Markov
  • Carol Gillies as Sasha
  • Julian Glover as Colonel Kobylinski
  • Rachel Gurney as Grand Duchess Victoria
  • Betty Marsden as Princess Troubetskaya
  • Tim McInnerny as Yakovlev
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