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Anas ibn Malik

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Name  Anas Malik
Died  709 AD, Basra, Iraq
Spouse  Zaynab Bint Nabeet

Parents  Malek Bin Al-Nader Bin Damdam Bin Zayed Bin Haram, Om Saleem Bint Malhan
Siblings  Al-Bara' ibn Malik, Zayed Bin Malek
People also search for  Rumaysa bint Milhan, Al-Bara' ibn Malik

Getting to know the companions ra 19 anas ibn malik and saeed ibn aamir ra mufti ismail menk

Anas ibn Malik ibn Nadar al-Khazraji Al-Ansari (Arabic: أنس بن مالك الخزرجي الأنصاري‎‎, c.612-712, or died 709) was a well-known sahabi (companion) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.


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He was an Ansar of the Banu Khazraj. He is not to be confused with Malik ibn Anas. Anas ibn Malik, was the last of the sahaba to die at Basra in 93 AH aged 103.

Story of anas ibn malik ra


Anas ibn Malik was born 10 years before the Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad to the Bani Khazraj tribe of Yathrib. He was born to Umm Sulaim (of the Banu Najjar) and Malik ibn Nadr. After the father of Anas died a non-Muslim, his mother remarried a new convert (Abu Talha ibn Thabit), and he gained a half-brother, Abdullah ibn Abu Talha. He was present in Madinah during Muhammad's time there and afterwards. He was the longest lived of the Companions of the Prophet, having died 93 years after the Hijrah (approximately 711 CE). He had been presented to Muhammad as a servant by his mother at an early age. After Muhammad's death in 632, he participated in the wars of conquest, and went to Damascus and later settled in Basra. He was the longest living of the companions of Muhammad and died at the age of 103.

Sunni view

He is one of the major narrators of hadith, and like all of the Sahaba, is considered trustworthy.


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