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Anarchy (Chumbawamba album)

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Released  25 April 1994
Length  41:32
Artist  Chumbawamba
Producer  Neil Ferguson
Genres  Pop music, Anarcho-punk
Recorded  January 1994
Anarchy (1994)  Showbusiness! (1994)
Release date  25 April 1994
Label  One Little Indian Records
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Chumbawamba anarchy full album censored cover

Anarchy is the sixth studio album by anarcho-punk band Chumbawamba. Many of the tracks address specific social issues, such as homophobia, strikes or fascism.


Its graphic cover, depicting a baby's head emerging from a vagina caused the record to be banned from some shops and stocked in plain sleeves in others. The iTunes version of the album replaces the baby picture with a painting of several flowers.

Chumbawamba anarchy 05 heaven hell album version

Track listing

All songs written and arranged by Chumbawamba except where indicated

  1. "Give the Anarchist a Cigarette" – 4:07
  2. "Timebomb" – 3:40
  3. "Homophobia" – 2:31 (Melody trad.)
  4. "On Being Pushed" – 0:31
  5. "Heaven/Hell" – 2:26 (Melody trad., from Hungarian folk tune "Hidegen")
  6. "Love Me" – 3:51
  7. "Georgina" – 2:26
  8. "Doh!" – 0:20
  9. "Blackpool Rock" – 0:28
  10. "This Year's Thing" – 4:04
  11. "Mouthful of Shit" – 3:45
  12. "Never Do What You Are Told" – 1:22
  13. "Bad Dog" – 4:31
  14. "Enough Is Enough" – 4:34 (Chumbawamba/MC Fusion)
  15. "Rage" – 2:50
  • Secret track "Timebomb" (vocals by Jimmy Echo)
  • All songs produced and engineered by Chumbawamba and Neil Ferguson

    Song details

  • Give The Anarchist A Cigarette is a song about Bob Dylan. The title comes from a scene in the Bob Dylan documentary Dont Look Back where Dylan's manager, Albert Grossman tells Dylan "They're calling you an anarchist now", to which Dylan replies "Give the anarchist a cigarette".
  • The line "give the fascist man a gunshot" from Enough is Enough was referenced by Asian Dub Foundation in their song "TH9".
  • The lyrics to Georgina reference the Peter Greenaway movie The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
  • The title to the track "Doh!" is named after the catchprase used by the fictional character Homer Simpson. The catchphrase is heard at the end of the track.
  • Personnel

  • Harry Hamer
  • Danbert Nobacon
  • Paul Greco
  • Lou Watts
  • Dunstan Bruce
  • Boff Whalley
  • Alice Nutter
  • Mavis Dillon
  • With

  • Neil Ferguson
  • MC Fusion
  • 'Others

  • Simon "Commonknowledge" Lanzon - Accordion
  • Kerry and Casey - "Georgina" intro
  • Geoff Reid - Mandolin
  • Songs

    1Give the Anarchist a Cigarette4:10


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