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Ananas bracteatus

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Bromeliaceae
Genus  Ananas
Higher classification  Pineapples
Order  Poales
Subfamily  Bromelioideae
Scientific name  Ananas bracteatus
Rank  Species
Ananas bracteatus Ananas bracteatus Wikipedia
Similar  Bromeliads, Pineapples, Ananas ananassoides, Ananas nanus, Ananas lucidus

Ananas bracteatus the red pineapple

Ananas bracteatus (common name, red pineapple) is a species of the pineapple. It is native to South America (Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador).


Ananas bracteatus VIRBOGA Ananas bracteatus

Ananas bracteatus is grown as an ornamental plants for its decorative red fruit. The leaves are long with sharp spines, so it can be used as a protective hedge for home security. In colder places they can be grown indoors as a houseplant. It grows throughout Brazil at elevations of 140 to 320 metres (450–1,050 ft).

Ananas bracteatus VIRBOGA Ananas bracteatus

Pineapple in flowers ananas bracteatus ananas bl m ykkbl ungur


Ananas bracteatus httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Ananas bracteatus is a large terrestrial species of bromeliad that grows 100 centimetres (40 in) dark green leaves that fade red to pink when exposed to sunlight. The long spiny leaves are characterized by "broad, cream and green, longitudinal stripes that are suffused with pink when grown in good light." When it flowers it blossoms typical pineapple fruit; it is similar to Ananas comosus but far more prolific.

Ananas bracteatus Ananas bracteatus Wikiwand
Ananas bracteatus FileRed Pineapple Ananas bracteatus 39Striatus39jpg Wikimedia
Ananas bracteatus Ananas bracteatus Red Pineapple Wild Pineapple Hawaiian Plants


Ananas bracteatus Wikipedia

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