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Released  January–July 2005
Analord (2005)  Chosen Lords (2006)
Release date  January 2005
Label  Rephlex Records
Genre  Acid techno
Recorded  2003–2005
Artist  Aphex Twin
Producer  Aphex Twin
Songs  Fenix Funk 5, XMD 5a
Analord httpsiytimgcomvicrcqADcAusgmaxresdefaultjpg
Length  11 EPs Analord 01: 21:57 Analord 02: 23:11 Analord 03: 18:44 Analord 04: 18:25 Analord 05: 10:44 Analord 06: 22:58 Analord 07: 20:24 Analord 08: 20:04 Analord 09: 16:34 Analord 10: 12:53 Analord 11: 19:26 Total: 3:24:04

Afx analord 2005 full series

Analord is a 3½ hour, 42-track series of recordings on 12" vinyl by UK-based electronic music artist Richard D. James. On 24 December 2009, the Rephlex Records website began posting unreleased/bonus tracks for the Analord series in MP3 and WAV digital formats. To date, 20 bonus tracks have been added to the series, which now totals 62 tracks for a runtime of 4 hours and 36 minutes.


Aphex twin steppingfilter 101


The first installment, Analord 10, went on sale through the Rephlex Records website on 15 December 2004, and was packaged in a faux-leather binder with sleeves for housing the rest of the series. It was later re-released as a picture disc. Both pressings of Analord 10 were marketed under James' primary alias Aphex Twin, although other Analord recordings were released under the AFX pseudonym.

A condensed, album-length version of the series, Chosen Lords was released in 2006.

Musical equipment used

James has programmed a variety of analogue equipment throughout his career. Instruments on Analord include drum machines such as the Roland TR-606, TR-808, and TR-909; sequencers such as the Roland MC-4; and various synthesizers and polysynths, including the Roland SH-101 and Roland TB-303, a Synton Fenix Modular


The name refers to the analogue and digital electronic music equipment James used to perform much of Analord, as well as being a double entendre. Since James has a penchant for anagrams, it is noteworthy that "Analord" is an anagram for "A Roland", perhaps referencing the manufacturers of de facto industry standard analogue synthesizers. It has also been speculated that the term "Analord" is a portmanteau of the words analogue and lord, referring to Richard James' previous analogue programming, and the talent and recognition he has in his industry. "Analord" is also the title of a Luke Vibert track from Lover's Acid on Planet Mu. It's also suspected that Analord is a portmanteau of the words "anal" and "lord".


  • Tracks on Analord 8, Analord 9, and Analord 11 are named after computer viruses and other malicious software, allegedly to prevent or discourage file sharing.
  • The images on both sides of Analord 11 feature the Michael Faraday Memorial in Elephant and Castle, London (which is near the disused bank Richard D. James owns).
  • Track listing

    * Released on 24 December 2009, only available through download.
    † Untitled on original release and named "Bubble 'n' Squeek 2" on the December 2009 reissue.
    ‡ Split into two tracks in the December 2009 online reissue.

    Analord 06
  • "Analogue Talk (Claknib)"- 0:57
  • "Analogue Talk (Chorus 3)" - 0:52
  • Analord 11
  • "Backdoor.Ranky.S 5" - 4:08
  • "Backdoor.Ranky.S 4" - 2:29
  • References

    Analord Wikipedia

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