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Anadia ocellata

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Reptilia
Family  Gymnophthalmidae
Scientific name  Anadia ocellata
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Squamata
Genus  Anadia
Rank  Species
Anadia ocellata
Similar  Anadia, Reptile, Gymnophthalmidae, Scaled reptiles, Ptychoglossus

Anadia ocellata, commonly known as the bromeliad lizard or lagartija de las bromelias in Spanish, is a species of lizard endemic to the Americas.



A. ocellata is a small and slender lizard. Its body is cylindrical with a long tail that is very sensitive and quickly subject to autotomy when in danger or when manipulated inadequately.

Geographic range

A. ocellata is distributed from Costa Rica to Ecuador.

Habitat and behavior

A. ocellata is rather unusual for a lizard in that it has frequently been found in, or close to, bromeliads. Thus its habits are considered arboreal, which would account for its scarceness.


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