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Kingdom  Animalia
Suborder  Anabantoidei
Scientific name  Anabas
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Perciformes
Family  Anabantidae
Higher classification  Climbing gourami
Rank  Genus
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Similar  Climbing gourami, Microctenopoma, Ctenopoma, Sandelia, Anabantoidei

Anabas testudineus

Anabas is a genus of climbing gouramies native to southern and eastern Asia. In the wild, Anabas species grow up to 30 cm long. They inhabit both brackish and fresh water. Anabas species possess a labyrinth organ, a structure in the fish's head which allows it to breathe atmospheric oxygen, so it can be out of water for an extended period of time (6–8 hr). They are carnivorous, living on a diet of water invertebrates and their larvae, and they guard their eggs. Species are found in South Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.


Anabas Anabas testudineus

Climbing perch anabas testudineus


There are two recognized species in the genus Anabas:

  • Anabas cobojius (F. Hamilton, 1822) (Gangetic koi)
  • Anabas testudineus (Bloch, 1792) (climbing perch)

  • Anabas Climbing perch Anabas testudineus BdFISH Feature
    Anabas All About Family of Aquarium Fish Anabantidae Ctenopoma
    Anabas Anabas testudineus
    Anabas Anabas testudineus The Climbing Perch


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