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Industry  Biotechnology
Type of business  Private
Founded  1993
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Key people  Olivier Steiner, PhD - General Manager (North America), Anita Hong, PhD - General Manager (AnaSpec); Frank Hong, PhD - General Manager (AnaSpec)
Products  custom and catalog peptides, antibodies, dyes, labeling kits, assay kits, amino acids, synthesis reagents, and accessories
Headquarters  Fremont, California, United States

AnaSpec Inc. is a biotechnology company headquartered in Fremont, California. Located in the Silicon Valley, it is a provider of custom and catalog research peptides[1], antibodies, dyes, assay kits, synthesis reagents, oligonucleotides, and PCR kits. AnaSpec focuses on multiple technologies: peptides, detection reagents (including dyes and antibodies), combinatorial chemistry, oligonucleotides, and PCR.



AnaSpec acquired HiLyte Biosciences, a manufacturer of fluorescent dyes, in 2003.

In 2009 AnaSpec launched its new facilities in Fremont, CA.

In October 2009 Eurogentec acquired AnaSpec.

Patented Products

  • HiLyte Fluor Dyes
  • HiLytePlus Dyes
  • Qxl quenchers
  • Trademark Products

  • GO Peptides
  • SensoLyte Assay Kits
  • Z-Fish Antibodies
  • ClearPoint Peptide Synthesis
  • AnaTag Labeling Kits
  • References

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