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Ana Paula Arendt

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Ana Paula Arendt

Ana paula arendt encontro de cinco poetas numa n o esquina de bras lia

Ana Paula Arendt (born 1980), pseudonym of R. P. Alencar, is a writer, a poet, and a Brazilian diplomat. She is an author of children books, of screenplays, and of poem collections in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, and Chinese, some poems in Latin and in German. She published Veritas Filia Mendacii Est and To Freedom. Among her most recent works are the awarded play in classical verse The Constituent, the marginal romance Thirty Bucks to the Devil, and the epic poem Penthesilea.


She was born and raised in Rondonia. She has lived in Rio Branco and spent some time at the Kaxarari tribe, in many cities of Rondonia, when she was a child, and then in São Paulo, Montevideo, and Brasilia.

Encontro de cinco poetas numa n o esquina de bras lia parte 11 m sica tema de ana paula arendt

Marginal poetry

  • Veritas Filia Mendacii Est (Portuguese, 2012)
  • To Freedom (Portuguese, 2013)
  • Individual Poems

  • "I love in Portuguese", Literature Today, Vol. 4
  • "Shrine", Literature Today, Vol. 5
  • Classical poetry/Theatre

  • The Constituent (2015, Portuguese, Martins Pena Award)
  • Callista (Portuguese, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Latin, 2015)
  • The Creation of Pindorama (Portuguese, 2015)
  • The Venerable Virtues of Men (Portuguese, 2016). Still to be published.
  • Marginal fiction

  • Brasil Encantado (Portuguese, 3 vols) - Monastery, Gorender Expedition, Ministry (2013)
  • Thirty Bucks to the Devil (Portuguese, 2014)
  • Poetry written in other languages

  • Penthesilea (English, 2014) Ana Paula Arendt, Luíza Manhães, R. P. Alencar. Still to be published.
  • "Suele Ser Así" (Spanish, 2016). Still to be published.
  • "Almost Sonnets" (English, 2016).
  • "Wo de Long" (Chinese, 2016).
  • Translations

  • Memories of the Prince of Talleyrand (Portuguese, 2015)
  • Essays

  • The Simple Things of Life (Portuguese, 2016)
  • Screenplays

  • "The Utopia" (English, 2013)
  • "99 Noms de Dieu" (French, 2016)
  • Children's Fiction and Poetry

  • The House of Mommy Marmoset (Portuguese, French, 2014)
  • The Complete Story of the Three Wise Kings (Portuguese, 2013)
  • The King and the Fairy (Portuguese, 2013)
  • Convention of the Rights of Birds and Nestlings (Portuguese, 2014)
  • The Breeze and the Wind (Portuguese, 2015)
  • References

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