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An Inconvenient TruthOr Convenient Fiction

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Language  English
Director  Leesa Kelly Tim Donner
Country  United States

Release date  April 12, 2007 (2007-04-12) (San Francisco)

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An Inconvenient Truth...Or Convenient Fiction? is an American documentary film by Steven F. Hayward, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, who set to address what he observed as inconsistencies in the film An Inconvenient Truth.


An Inconvenient Truth...Or Convenient Fiction? movie scenes Director Davis Guggenheim eloquently weaves the science of global warming with Al Gore s personal history and lifelong commitment to reversing the effects

An inconvenient truth or convenient fiction


The fifty-minute movie was described as a "point-by-point PowerPoint rebuttal" of the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth. In his presentation, Hayward agrees with many of the points and issues covered by the Gore film, but shares how certain information may have been slanted by what he terms "global warming extremists," in order to create a darker image of the future. According to Hayward, "I agree that we’re warming, and I agree that we’re playing a role in it. What I disagree with is [Gore's] overall pessimism."


The film, produced by the Pacific Research Institute and filmed at the Heritage Foundation, disputes many of the claims in the film An Inconvenient Truth, arguing that it goes too far in predictions of doom. CNS News reported that with his film, Hayward hopes to counter some of the more alarmist assertions being made by supporters of global warming catastrophe, but also admits that "much of what Vice President Gore says about climate change is correct. The planet is warming; human beings are playing a substantial role in that warming," but expanded that Gore "and a lot of other people make some extreme claims about what is likely to happen in the future that are not backed up by science." In his support of global warming theories, Hayward contends he is not a "climate change denier," but simply wishes to document with evidence that Gore's claims "are based on extreme and improbable models."


In their review of the film sharing the inconsistencies of actual events when compared to the predictions of the Gore film, The American Spectator referred to the film as "a dose of reality."

In their analysis, wrote that Hayward's film "does not dispute that there is global warming. One of the first things that Doctor Hayward says in the film is that there is global warming. What this film does is reports on the omissions and misdirection of the Al Gore film."

Weekly Standard noted that Hayward's film used similar devices as that of its target, being "basically a lecture with graphs and maps and pictures," that underscored inconsistencies and omissions in the earlier film, but that in doing so it "won't thrill either the environmental crowd or Hollywood's liberal elite". It was pointed out that Hayward is not a skeptic of global warming, and that he agrees with much of what An Inconvenient Truth says about the climate issue. Weekly Standard reported that Hayward grants "Much of what Vice President Gore says about climate change is correct. The planet is warming. Human beings are playing a substantial role in that warming." Hayward clarified that, while the Gore film addresses issues that bear attention, he feels that those he terms "global warming extremists" "distort the science, grossly exaggerate the risks, argue that anyone who disagrees with them is corrupt, and suggest that solutions are easy and cheap," and that dealing with the issue in such a manner creates "an all too convenient fiction."

The New York Times reported that after viewing the film, former chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party Mike DeNunzio stated “there’s two sides to every story, and certainly we’ve been hearing one side." It was also reported that a spokeswoman for Al Gore stated that Gore "had not seen Mr. Hayward’s film but was accustomed to attacks on his positions". Shae clarified, "Obviously Mr. Gore stands by the film," she said of Inconvenient Truth, “and we found that the mainstream scientific community agrees with its fundamental conclusions." They also noted that while there was applause after the screening, not everyone was thrilled and the attitude of some was that the film was boring.

The Daily Telegraph reported that An Inconvenient Truth "has increasingly become the accepted orthodoxy," but that now through Hayward, that earlier film has a rival. They conceded that "Dr. Hayward does not deny that global warming is occurring or that human activity is contributing to it. But he believes Mr Gore has exaggerated the scale and threat."


Initially the film was not widely released in theaters, but was shown in a handful of free screenings across the United States. The film had three premieres across the country in April 2007: in San Francisco on April 12, Washington DC on April 18, and in New York City on April 24. In February 2008, Free Republic listed the film among its "Best Global Warming Videos on the Internet". A 47-minute DVD version (ASIN: B000ZHXW1C) is available.


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