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An Byeong jik

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Hangul  안병직
Name  An Byeong-jik
McCune–Reischauer  An Pyong-chik
Hanja  安秉直

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Revised Romanization  An Byeong-jik

An Byeong-jik (born 1936) or Ahn Byong-jick is a Professor Emeritus at Seoul National University and a co-founder of the Naksungdae Institute of Economic Research. He is the representative director of the New Right Foundation. His research focuses on economic history during the Korea under Japanese rule.


He disclosed a diary by a manager of World War II Japanese military brothels and published a book called Diary of a Japanese Military Brothel Manager in 2013.

Academic career

An was born in Haman in 1936. He was graduated from Department of Economics, Seoul University. He received a master's degree in economics. He became a professor of Seoul National University College of Social Sciences. He was appointed a professor emeritus at Seoul National University in 2001.

An's views and remarks

  • "There was no overt exploitation of land during Japanese colonial period."
  • "There is no objective evidence that the comfort women were forcibly mobilized."
  • An denies the view that the Japanese military and police took women by force from the Korean Peninsula because Korea at the time was "a well-ordered society, although it was a colony."
  • "Comfort women were recruited by business operators in Korea, and there was no need for the Japanese military to abduct them."
  • "Half of the managers of comfort women were Korean. "
  • Works

  • 일본군 위안소 관리인의 일기 [Diary of a Japanese military brothel manager]] (in Korean). Translated by An Byeong-jik. Esoope. 2013. ISBN 9788994228761. 
  • "日本軍慰安所管理人の日記" [Diary of a Japanese military brothel manager] (in Japanese). Naksungdae Institute of Economic Research. August 30, 2013. 
  • References

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